Bliss (2019)

A brilliant painter facing the worst creative block of her life turns to anything she can to complete her masterpiece, spiraling into a hallucinatory hellscape of drugs, sex and murder in the sleazy underbelly of Los Angeles.

My thoughts: Like getting super high and then having someone scream at your for an hour and change.



Bloody Hell (2020)

A man with a mysterious past flees the country to escape his own personal hell – only to arrive somewhere much, much worse.

My thoughts: The goofiness keeps it from being genuinely scary, but it’s a fun ride nevertheless.



Satan’s Slaves: Communion (2022)

A family moves into an apartment, believing it to be a safe place, but they soon realize this might not be the case once they get to know their neighbors.

My thoughts: A fantastic follow-up to the original (remake) with one of the most horrifying elevator sequences ever committed to film.



Revenge (2016)

Widow Ruth is seven months pregnant when, believing herself to be guided by her unborn baby, she embarks on a homicidal rampage, dispatching anyone who stands in her way.

My thoughts: Strong premise. Weak execution. A one act movie devoid of surprises.



The Devil’s Candy (2015)

A struggling painter’s possessed by dark forces after he and his young family move into their dream home in rural Texas, in this creepy haunted-house tale.

A dark and disturbing descent into heavy metal horror. What makes it so eerily effective is the character work and performances that actually make us care for these people.


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3 thoughts on “November 11, 2022: The Horror Marathon continues with Bliss, Prevenge, The Devil’s Candy, Satan’s Slaves: Communion, and Lemon KitKats!

  1. Like getting super high and then having someone scream at your for an hour and change. I’m skipping that one. 🙂

    I met friends at a Japanese restaurant near Nashville yesterday and got to try a few interesting sushi rolls with strawberry slices on top. They were pretty tasty but they were probably in the toddler section of your palate. I’m sticking to the kid’s menu on that stuff. 🙂

    Now, I have to recover from my min-vacation. 😴

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