Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1 – cover art by Rafael Albuquerque


Catwoman #48 – cover art by Jeff Dekal


Catwoman #48 – cover art by Sozomaika


DCeased: War of the Undead Gods #3 – cover art by Kael Ngu


Nightwing #97 – cover art by Bruno Redondo


Eve: Children of the Moon #1 – cover art by Miguel Mercado

So, which were YOUR favorites?

2 thoughts on “October 19, 2022: Amazing Covers!

  1. Just watched Amanda Tapping’s 1st season on her show Serenity, in the extras they talked about Martin Woods and his skill and imagination. You talked about the cost of background and computer imaging. Were you tempted to use the Red Camera? It might have helped costs in Dark Matter.

    1. Speaking of Amanda Tapping’s shows, I highly recommend Motherland: Fort Salem, which she produced. She also had a cameo in the final episode as the voice of the Mother Mycelium.

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