The Hitotsume-kozō look like bald one-eyed boys dressed as monks. Every December, they will put together a list of naughty households that they’ll deliver, not to Santa, but to the god of disease and misfortune who will curse the offending homes.  Art by Masayoshi Kitao


The Addam’s Family Cousin Itt, the Keukegen is an adorably hairy, diminutive creature that prefers the dark and damp rececesses of a home. Although huggable, these cuties are carriers of disease and pestilence. You can avoid them by keeping your house clean!


The gore-soaked earth of a battlefield may give life to a Jubokko, a tree with a taste for human blood. It snatches up its victims with its branches, drains them dry, leaving their skin and organs for the birds, their bones to litter the grounds surrounding its trunk.   Choose your picnic spots wisely!


Hashime (literally: Bridge Princess) are irascible goddesses that guard long, old wooden bridges. Wildly jealous, they will curse you should you be foolish enough to compliment or praise another bridge while standing on hers.


Beware the Shunobon, a red-faced, big-headed, spiky-haired, ear-to-ear grinning demon that stalks the night, lying in wait to jump out of hiding and startle evening strollers, occasionally scaring them to death! Art by @matthewmeyerart

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