Saturday’s Wings & Beer night was a rousing success.  We sampled 9 different wings and 17 different beers (before tapping out).

Pxl_20221015_221530578 Pxl_20221015_221816767 Pxl_20221015_222404173

The homemade wings were far and away better than the take-out wings.  Emily, Kayla, and Akemi’s were my faves, as were my own lemon-thyme contribution.


As for the beer – while I was pleasantly surprised by the smoky lager, my favorite had to have been the topical fruit-forward Scout Micro IPA from Left Field Brewery.

Then, this was me on Sunday after spending the entire day watching football…


Yep, that’s how I celebrated my birthday.  With football.  And ramen, as per tradition, since it was also our wedding anniversary…

Pxl_20221016_155943824 Pxl_20221016_155948016

Among my birthday gifts were these socks I ordered earlier this year that Akemi intercepted and hid away for six months –


Loving me those space rabbits.

Perhaps inspired by my mom, Akemi decided to make “toni”.  That’s rigatoni with the rig.

Pxl_20221016_145147105 Pxl_20221016_145518049 Pxl_20221016_165135724 Pxl_20221016_173023737 Pxl_20221016_184611899 Pxl_20221017_144700123


Img_2382 Img_2380

Hey, look who I got together with the other day – Director/Stunt Coordinator John Stead and this delicious smash burger from Matty’s Pattys.  Truly awesome reuniting with both.

Today’s Yes/No…

6 thoughts on “October 17, 2022: The Birthday Debrief!

  1. Happy birthday! … and happy anniversary to you both. I wish you both the best life.

  2. Those food pictures (and John Stead) all look great!! Akemi is going to have to do pasta making videos like your mom does because I’m wondering how she keeps those round ones round. Mine would pinch closed when I cut them.

  3. Wings & beer. “Tapping out.” Very clever punning, sir
    Happy belated birthday to you and happy belated anniversary to you both.

  4. Belated Happy Birthday!

    I’ve long thought it would be nice if the Raza crew celebrated their collective birthday on the anniversary of the day they woke up. They wouldn’t even all know their physical birthdays anyway, right? The files they found at the end of the pilot only had their names, faces, biometrics, and list of crimes, not detailed biographical information.

    Four got his memories back and One and Six could have learned their birthdays when they looked themselves up in “Episode 8” and “Welcome to Your New Home” respectively, but Five would have to go searching for hers in the orphanage records, Two may never have known hers even before the mindwipe, and Three’s would likely be lost to history by now with his family dead.

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