Cowards who run away from battles or cancel beloved sci-fi shows could become the victims of Buruburu, spirits that will creep up on them and touch the back of their necks, causing them to shudder.


The Wani are dragon-like aquatic creatures that live in underwater kingdoms, deep in the ocean’s depths. Gifted shapeshifters, they occasionally take human form and fall in with humans. But these relationships are often doomed to failure. After all, what would they have to talk about?


If you’re walking through a forest at night, beware the Tsurube Otoshi, a giant head with spindly limbs that will drop from the treetops, seeking to disable and devour. If one misses you, make a run for it. It won’t be able to catch up given its little matchstick legs!


If you fail to pick a ripe persimmon, it will eventually turn into a Tantan Kororin, a giant monk with a persimmon-like head that will wander through town, dropping the ripe persimmons it has rescued from indifferent pickers.   Its excrement is said to be delicious!


Next time you visit a brothel, keep your eye out for the Taka Onna. They are lonely women capable of distorting their bodies to hideous lengths in order to perform second-floor peek-ins on couples in flagrante delicto.

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4 thoughts on “September 24, 2022: Your Handy Guide to Weird Yokai!

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    @Joe Hope ya have fun at garlic fest. You seemed surprised by the mention of butter beer. The non alcoholic version is basically just cream soda with butter & brown sugar syrup.

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  2. Interesting and I loved the little “updates” you added (or cancel beloved sci-fi shows). 🙂

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