A little over a year and a half ago, I was asked to put together a pitch for an I.P.  I gave it some thought, put together three solid pitches, sent them away…and never heard back.  Until six months later when I was asked to put send in some original pitches completely unconnected to the previous batch.  Again, I set aside a few days, came up with three pitches, and sent them away.  Success!  Of sorts.  One pitch was developed for a few months and subsequently shelved before discussion moved on to another I.P.   A few back and forth emails and then this prod co. went radio silent on me (It’s been about five months and counting).  I’m done with them, but that’s not the point of this story.  One of the three original pitches on the second round was, I thought, an ideal candidate for a comic book series, so I pitched it to a publisher who liked it, asked me to develop it a little further, and then ultimately passed.  It couldn’t have worked out any better.  These failed starts have convinced me that this idea is destined to succeed for the simple reason that, when it does get produced, I can go on record and talk about the the places that missed out.  Like HBO passing on Mad Men or or FOX passing on the Sopranos.  To a much lesser extent of course.

Next to a deadline, revenge is my greatest motivation.  And so, fueled by this experience, I started work on the pilot last week.  I am now 45 pages in and closing in on the end of the fourth act.  I hope to have a solid draft to send to my reps by early next week – one pilot to pick into the maelstrom!  I’ve often said that the ones that get green lit are the ones you least expect, and I couldn’t imagine a more improbable candidate than this one.  Let’s call it…Project Wolf!

I recall accepting this as fact back in high school, like it was a fact, marked by legal precedent, agreed upon by all parties.

This one’s evergreen…

I need one of these…

Today’s Yes/No…

Wish we had this in North America!

5 thoughts on “September 13, 2022: Projects on deck!

  1. Radio silence is like the trademark of the entertainment industry …

    But … Looking forward to what you have.

  2. Yay! Wish you much success!

    “I recall accepting this as fact back in high school, like it was a fact, marked by legal precedent, agreed upon by all parties.”

    Yep, I heard it in Buffy, too.

    “This one’s evergreen…”

    No, the emerald cup is evergreen.

  3. Did the I.P. in question happen to be something about or related to an
    American Werewolf happening to be in London?

    I only ask…..because something related is currently in production.

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