Huzzah!  Success!  After much pacing, nighttime tossing and turning, and general racking of brain, I finally have a beat sheet for that android-themed mystery series.  The hard part his over.  Now, all that remains to be done is the outline, a first draft, a second draft, a polish, a pitch deck, a sale, development of the first season, the writing of the first season episodes, prep, production and post – the easy stuff!

Tomorrow (Saturday) night will mark two full weeks without dessert!  That’s no chocolate, no cream buns, and no pistachio patisserie for 14 straight days!  How do I feel?  Absolutely no different although Akemi claims I’ve been more irritable of late but, in all fairness, that could be due to my work on beating out this new script (which is, in my opinion, the most frustrating part of the whole t.v.-making process).  Anyway, with two weeks under my belt and absolutely no discernible health benefits either mental or physical, I intend to reward my 14-day Spartan diet with a little something – a square of Ecuadorian 72%, or maybe a pint of Haagen-Dazs.  I’ll play it by ear.


Awww, this is nice.  Long-time Stargate fan Irena (of Stargate Europe fame – @Irena_SG on twitter) is in town with husband Dieter.  We met up for coffee (actually, unsweetened matcha for me) and dessert (cinnamon rolls for them).  Great to finally put a face to a twitter account.  Tomorrow, they check out Fan Expo after which they’ll be taking to the train cross-country to Vancouver for Gatecon.  Lucky!


Okay, now a wacky one!

Today’s Yes/No.  Beat the summer heat with…

7 thoughts on “August 26, 2022: From here on in, it’s smoooooooth sailing!

  1. I have eliminated desserts since January. That means no Valentine’s chocolate, no green St Patrick’s Day cookies, no Reese’s Easter Bunny chocolates, no 4th of July cakes. I don’t miss it but still sometimes crave something. So I usually get a chocolate shake. That is better than a 5 pound bag of chocolate Kisses from Sam’s (what I use to buy). I’ve had 2 or 3 shakes this year. Everything has improved but now I’m looking at symptoms of low blood sugar. You just can’t win. The trick to no desserts? Don’t look! Avert your eyes!

  2. 🙋‍♀️to Dieter and Irena! Such happy smiles are good to see.

    Have you lost any weight since you cut out desserts? Are the cravings still there? Hats off to you because I couldn’t do it. The last diet I was on was when I had gestational diabetes. Thank God, that’s over!

    My mom visit went well and both the kittens were “fixed”. That’s a big relief!

    Happy Saturday!

  3. So is the detective an android, the victim an android, the suspect an android, or all three?

    Is Irena where you got Dr Shaw’s name from?

    1. B – Or from Red Dwarf, episode Entangled… where a scientist in “wrong thinking” is Irene E

      “Indeed, she is only shown to have gotten something right once in her life, justifying the cosmic significance of her nickname being “Professor E” and her first name being “Irene” (Irene E = Irony)”

  4. No real help with the heat as I was in Thailand for Peace Corps for 3 years, maybe go to Florida to cool off. 40C was comfortable nor uncommon; see a movie in a theater or go shopping in a mall

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