Today, I had a hankering for a tomato sandwich after THIS twitter post showed up on my timeline –

Truly, a work of art – and beats the hell out of the tomato sandwich I got in the Utopia Falls writers’ room –


So, inspired, I stopped by the grocery store on our way back from Suji’s physio appointment (Apparently, she’s preferring massage over exercise according to her therapist) and picked up the necessary ingredients.  And, for dinner, I made myself a (actually two) tomato sandwiches – thinly sliced vine ripened tomatoes with bacon, avocado, Scottish cheddar, salt, pepper, oregano, and kewpie mayo on Texas toast.  With a side of olive oil and habanero hot sauce.  Not pictured, unfortunately, because I was too busy eating.

In retrospect, I could have mixed it up and also done a version switching out the sharp cheddar for mozzarella and basil.

My father used to love his tomato sandwiches which also included tomatoes (of course), oregano, salt and a little oil on white bread.

I am also a fan of fried green tomato sandwiches – but it’s been a while.

Any tomato sandwich fans out there?  Tell me about your version.

9 thoughts on “August 12, 2022: The Humble Tomato Sandwich!

  1. Tomato sandwiches are a New Jersey thing, as well, especially when gardeners harvest their Beefsteak and Rutgers varieties. 😋

    Store-bought Texas tomatoes just don’t compare. 🥺

    1. Definitely. I remember my NJ tomato sandwiches as well. I just got some on-the-vine tomatoes at the farmer’s market on Saturday that are fantastic. I think I’ll make one for lunch tomorrow (on rye bread).

  2. I like mine on toasted Turkish bread. Thinly sliced, on buttered toast as an open sandwich with salt and pepper, 😋😋😋

  3. Tonight I had a turkey, grown-by-someone-tomato, lettuce, mayo on toasted wheat sandwich. My mom use to eat tomato sandwiches but I prefer to add a little meat to it like turkey, chicken, or ham.

    I do love a couple good tomatoes sliced up in sections with a little salt/pepper on a plate all by themselves. It makes a great snack.

    I remember that sad sandwich you all got delivered. You should have called and complained. Maybe they got interrupted before they got to putting on the rest of the stuff.

  4. I do love my tomato & fresh buffalo mozzarella on toasted ciabatta with balsamic drizzle. And black pepper. And fresh basil from my container garden. That’s the stuff…

  5. My mom buys wonderful tomatoes from her local Amish farming community. The tomatoes are so juicy, it makes sandwich making with soggy bread likely. So, I usually have a huge slice of tomato WITH my meal. The farms grow red, pink and yellow. They are all incredible sliced with just salt and pepper. A few of you follow me on twitter but I’ll post a picture of the last tomato my mom gifted me with. It was extremely juicy/sweet: It didn’t last long and sadly, the farm will be out of them on my next visit. 🙁

  6. Our usual version is homegrown tomatoes, homegrown sweet onions, sharp cheddar cheese, salt & pepper to taste plus a dash of Frank’s Hot Sauce all atop homemade sourdough bread (of some sort…rolls, artisan, loaf).

  7. We grew several varieties of tomatoes when I was growing up, so tomato sandwiches were a staple. Warm tomatoes fresh off the vine, squishy soft Wonder Bread, Hellmann’s Mayo, and freshly cracked black pepper. Yum! The taste of summer!

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