Yesterday, Akemi, Ivon, and neighbor Kevin and I checked out Le Genie French Bakery (382 Yonge Street) where we enjoyed –

Img_2001 Img_2003 Img_2002

The pain au chocolat, the chocolate-hazelnut flower tart, and the pistachio Paris-Brest.  Akemi was all over that pain au chocolat with all of its airy crispness and rich butteriness.  We split the chocolate flower – pastry shell for her and chocolate cream for me.  The pistachio Paris-Brest, made from Sicilian pistachios, was the best pistachio dessert I’ve had in recent memory.  Positively stellar.


Also cool!

Today’s Yes/No…

Also had to include this one, as it has to be seen to be believed…

Meanwhile, on the home front…

4 thoughts on “August 4, 2022: The Thursday Edition!

  1. Bitter melon? I’ve never heard of that but I would have blanching might have done the trick. It used to work for Brussel Sprouts. Did you know that Sprouts are no longer bitter? That’s one reason I’m against the big deal about GMO produce. Sometimes, nature can be improved.

    Loved the food porn! I wish I could visit that bakery. Very glad all of you are having fun.

    Does pistachio have a flavor? I like eating them but I usually just taste the salt.

    Loved the comic covers from the other day. My favorite was Poison Ivy #3 – cover art by Joshua Middleton. The Batgirl was pretty cool, too.

    My mom visit went well yesterday. Mom has recovered and seems fine. I saw picture of your mom and she looks great, too. I’m very thankful!

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