My favorite Toronto ramen…


The garlic ramen with thin noodles and extra pork chasu from Midori Ramen.


Lettage, a curious lettuce/cabbage hybrid.


Akemi making enough cole slaw to feed a small army.


I prefer my cheeses super runny.


Whenever we go out to eat, Akemi comes prepared with her handy take-home container.


The Philly Cheesesteak, Ryan’s Way (sautéed steak, provolone, cheese whiz, griddled green pepper and onions, crispy onions, green onion, hot peppers) from When the Pig Came Home.


Akemi’s chocolate mousse.


Akemi’s chocolate ganache squares.

Musu Osaka buns!



Suspicious character.


Akemi, Japanese-style.


Joe, Japanese-style.

4 thoughts on “July 19, 2022: Foodly updates and such!

  1. Love it! You have a great life!

    I’ve never heard of Lettage.

    I’m heading off to visit a friend tomorrow.

  2. Am thinkin’ you should make that bow headband your new trademark.
    Wear it for your next pitch. 110% guarantee they’ll remember you.

    oooh. Lucky you!
    Been craving coleslaw for the last 30 days.
    Hope Akemi saves some for a while.
    At the currently rate my body is shrinking
    I should be able to fit in that bowl soon to bathe in her latest culinary creation.

  3. No seriously, were you expecting a lot of people over for coleslaw?

    All the food pictures look great (except that runny cheese).

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