Happy Dark Matter Day (7 years since the show premiered) fell on Suji Sunday.  So rather than interrupt the previously scheduled programming, I shifting the celebrations to today’s blog entry with a bunch of my favorite clips from the series – in absolutely no particular order…


8 thoughts on “June 14, 2022: Dark Matter Day review!

  1. So many good moments with the Android especially! Nice to see One again!

    Mixed feelings on not seeing the cliffhanger with the emergence of the Black Ships here (like there would be mixed feelings if it were here).

  2. This is just a “bunch” of your favorite clips? Any more clips and you would have posted half the show, lol.
    Not that that is a bad thing.

    I have mixed feelings when you post stuff like this. On the one hand I love Dark Matter and enjoy seeing some of its great moments again. On the other hand it just makes me sad and angry about its unfair cancellation all over again.

  3. Happy belated anniversary. Lots of memorable DM scenes. Android scenes were always fun and memorable because her personality was so unique and at times unpredictable. but whole cast was wonderful and each had gorgeous stand out moments.

    No energy today. Need to power off for second nap. Will post medical pot Q’s Thursday.

  4. Oh, and “Dark Matter Day” reminds me; it would have been cute if the Android had thrown a birthday party for the crew on the anniversary of their awakening.

  5. Thank you for posting – please oh please give us an update regarding future streaming or other continuation of this wonderfully entertaining show I just rewatched, (4th time? 🤷🏻‍♀️)

  6. I sure hope for the return of this show, in my eyes it surpasses all space related shows. The market was over saturated with shows at the time of it airing, hopefully enough people have found it superior after the cancellation and it will return for a longer run.

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