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4 thoughts on “June 13, 2022: Meanwhile, on the home front…

  1. I think the tip of a piece of pie is the best bite. Your pie definitely would be the one I would choose in the cafeteria.

    It’s great how NASA gets the sun back to us in a timely manner.

  2. Yup! Ponytail’s right. Your face definitely says it all when it comes to how you really feel about certain foods. That honey custard pie looks good. You’re makin me hungry.

    Photo of the sun being hauled away for maintenance at the end of the day – Priceless! XO

    How’s Suji doing with hydro therapy? Is she able to at least stand on her own at all yet?

    Ok. Here’s a fun one you might have missed.
    One of the engineers at Google is convinced their Lamda AI system
    has become sentient because it told him in a conversation
    it is self aware and fears death.


  3. By The Way mister! Don’t go getting me started on the whole climate change argument again!
    I’m still in too much pain and physically and emotionally stressed post surgery.
    That colored ice smoke display was non toxic to people, animals, and environment and it was called “Tribute To Toronto” not “The Perils of Climate Change”.
    Though, to be fair, much of the artists previous creations are about calling attention to pollution, intensifying wildfires, and over all global failing on environmental health.
    The artist was actually asked a couple years ago by a Toronto curator to create the display as a creative alternative fireworks type finale for a biennial June 4th city sponsored outdoor art event. https://www.macleans.ca/culture/artist-judy-chicago-brings-the-smoke-to-toronto-biennial-of-art/

    Anywhoo, while I’m here … I might as well clarify my May 9th blog entry comments about petroleum made plastics and not being able to achieve one hundred percent non fossil fuel use by 2050 so no one misconstrues and dares harbor daydreams of me endorsing Exxon-Mobil or flat earthers.

    I was referring to “hard plastics” used in medical, aerospace, plumbing, and ground transportation engineering, that cannot not be so easily or quickly replaced. NOT single use plastics such as packaging, supermarket grocery bags, water bottles, coffee lids and disposable picnic forks. Heck! Most major manufacturers are already more than well aware of numerous cost effective alternative materials and could replace single use plastics with much more environmentally friendly bio degradable products tomorrow. And likely would if more individual consumers would simply do their part by bringing in re-usable mugs to get coffee and do grocery shopping with multi use canvas bags to show there is enough demand for the switch. People, animals, oceans and planet would certainly be a whole lot healthier for it.

    Speaking of pain & stress, I’m in need of advice to become better edumacated on pot . Lots of questions I’m experiencing difficulties getting clear reliable answers on. Unfortunately, much too tired tonight to get into it. I’ll post my Lady Jane Q’s under tomorrows entry. Hopefully, at least a couple of our blog sibs or some of the usually quiet lurkers can help me navigate this relatively new landscape of legal retail medical marijuana.

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