Check out the Birthday Gal!  17 today.  Old enough to drive, yet not quite old enough to drink or buy smokes.  Still, she had a pretty good day – two walks, special treats, apple slices, and some peanut butter and jelly ice cream.  Wishing her a very happy birthday – and, hopefully, no tummy issues later tonight. (Thanks to our friend, Lory for the special birthday video – IG: Lo.RY6845).

It’s hard to believe how many fans this gal has amassed over the years.  I’m impressed, not so much by the number of followers to her IG account, but people who will occasionally recognize her when we’re out and about.  A couple of years ago, we were actually taking a stroll down 4th Avenue in Vancouver when a salesperson popped out of a Lululemon and asked: “Is that Suji?!”.  She was absolutely starstruck.

I always find it interesting the types of celebrities who elicit starstricken responses from fans.  Take Akemi, for instance.  Over the course of the time we’ve been together, I’ve worked with some truly amazing actors, yet she was never starstruck by any of them.  In many instances, she was shy around them initially, but warmed up to them in time.  Many have became great friends.  Robert Picardo, for example, is sci-fi royalty to many, a venerable veteran of stage and screen whose mere presence will have passersby buzzing with excitement (I’ve seen it happen many times).  To Akemi, however, he’s just lovable Bob.

I’ve only seen Akemi get starstruck twice since I’ve known her.

The first time was when we met Yael Tygiel, co-host of the Dark Matter aftershow on AfterBuzz (alongside the amazing Tauri Jay Miller and Andrew Mean).  While the Dark Matter After Show was running, Akemi and I never missed an episode, so when Yael told us she’d be in town, we were, of course, thrilled to meet up with such an enthusiastic supporter of the series.  We ended up meeting her, and assorted others, for dinner and drinks – and Akemi was absolutely thrilled.


Over the years, Yael (along with Tauri Jay) have become good friends of ours – and Akemi still manages to get a little starstruck every time we get together.

The second time I saw Akemi starstruck was the day we came across vloggers Simon and Martina from the EatYourKimchee channel.


I noticed them in passing as we were walking in downtown Toronto and subtly pointed them out to Akemi who was all “OH MY GOOOOSH!”.  So we ended up stopping to talk.  Martina was absolutely lovely and made Akemi’s day.

As for me, despite my 20+ years in the biz, I don’t recall ever being starstruck.  And I can’t imagine anyone having that effect on me.  Certainly not any actors.  Or even any authors despite my reverence for them.  I don’t know.  Dreamcatcher maybe?

What about you?  Which celebrities would leave you starstruck?

13 thoughts on “May 5, 2022: Starstruck! Happy Birthday, Suji!

  1. Happy birthday to Suji!!! 17 years old and lookin’ good.

    As for celebrities… I’m not sure who I’d be starstruck by. I’d love to have tea with Maggie Smith and Judi Dench – I bet they’ve got some great life stories.

  2. Lots of love and treats for Suji on her big day!

    Starstruck? The one in recent years I think would be BaronDestructo. LOL

  3. Happy birthday, Suji! Good to see that she’s still getting out and about. Is she making any headway getting back on her feet? Hope so.

    Not that I’ve met that many “famous” people in person, but I can’t remember really being starstruck by anyone. Everyone seems like regular folks to me, because usually they are. What I’ve never really understood is how some fans can completely lose the line between and actor and some role they’re playing. Like if an actor is playing an “evil” character, there are fans who will start hating on the actor. Don’t get me started on the people who didn’t like SGU and wound up hectoring the actors on social media because of it.

    Anyway, where were we? Oh yeah , famous people are still people!

  4. I’ve met a bunch of celebrities at Cons over the years, & I haven’t had a star-struck experience yet. I’ve always treated them as they deserve: with respect as the regular, professional people they are.

    …I still feel bad for scaring the crap out of Amanda Tapping at Shore Leave near Baltimore, MD. No one wants to see a fat woman in heels charging down a hallway towards them. Hopefully I made Amanda laugh when I called out “The things we do for our guys!” as I ran past her to the Masquerade stage. 🤣
    My friend & I had won a prize for our Bear In The Big Blue Tardis sketch. 😁

  5. I was a bit starstruck by Don Davis at Gatecon 2002. I was thinking of “General Hammond” at that point and deferring to the fictional rank.

  6. Less “Starstruck” and more “nah.. can’t be…”
    I was in hospital having oodles of brain-surgery, and was tripping out on all kinds of painkillers, and hallucinating quite a fair bit, so when Russell T Davies started showing up on the ward, every day, I was about 95% convinced I was going crazy.
    Nope.. it was him, alright.
    He lost his husband Andrew a year or so later.
    RIP Andrew.

  7. Guess today’s entry is delayed, but my reorder of Dark Matter arrived today season 1 and 3 from Barns and Noble. Since I no longer have a job I can spend time watching it.

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the beautiful, photogenic, always popular, Suji!! You are getting younger every year. Must be the daily pampering you demand. Keep it up!

    I was only starstruck one time. I recognize that celebrities are people just like me, so I don’t usually get in awe of them. Only one time. He was a Christian radio personality in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I listened to his show every morning getting dressed and driving to work until I had to walk into work. His name was Tom Dooley. He had a money drive every year to collect money from his viewers so they could remain on the air. Back then, you called in and told them how much you could give.

    One year I called and he answered the phone! I was like… uh, uh, uh, um, um. All I could say was the amount I wanted to give that year. What I wanted to quickly tell him was how much his radio show meant to me. How one morning my alarm went off and all I heard was static. My normal rock station missing. I wanted to say how I reached over, eyes still closed, and slowly turned the dial to find my rock station again. But instead I got his radio show, loud and clear. I don’t remember what he was saying but I froze and left it there. I wanted to tell him I had been listening to his show every morning for at least 11 years. I wanted him to know what a blessing he had been to me but I could not say a word, just uh, uh, uh, um, um! I know I would have started crying anyway.

    The station changed from FM to AM and I lost the signal. I later heard he had died of brain cancer. His wife said he never complained. Not surprised. He was so inspirational to me. He is the only person who ever had me “starstruck”.

  9. I was floored when Tony Bennett walked into the store I was working at, he was a sweetheart but I could barely speak the entire time.

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