Inevitably, whenever I complete a script, there is an overwhelming sense of accomplishment, of pride at the final(ish) product, and relief that the process is finally over (for now).  As most writers can attest, from here, it’ll be a slow build through various stages of elation as you forward the script to your reps, formulate a game plan, and send it out to potential buyers.  Then elation gives way to uncertainty as no one gets back to you in a timely manner.  Uncertainty gives way to disappointment when they finally do to tell you they loved the script but, unfortunately, they’re only buying crap this year or, occasionally, uncertainty gives way to panic when they tell you they are already developing something very similar (which may coincidentally contain all those small details you spent weeks lovingly crafting).  After that, it’s a swift devolution to desperation as the passes pile up and you and your team reconvene to discuss any possible buyers they may have missed (Are you we sure Quibli shut down?   Is Blip still around?).  And, finally, desperation gives way to depression with the realization that it’s all been a giant waste of time.  But, inevitably, vestigial traces of hope arise akin to the redolent scent of the delicious meal your neighbor is preparing that you won’t get to eat,  as you take consolation in the fact that at, at the  very least, you have a terrific writing sample for decision-making executives to read.  Although they won’t.  But on the off-chance they do it won’t really matter because they’re only making crap this year.

6 thoughts on “The 7 Stages of Post-Script Completion

  1. I am reminded of the past as I am watching Farscape, unfortunately your earlier work has run its course. But that was just SG-1. Since I no longer work or have a job, I am glad you still do. I just finished Game of Thrones to remind me what I am missing.

  2. You know the song…

    “There’s no business like show business
    Like no business I know

    Even with a turkey that you know will fold
    You may be stranded out in the cold
    But still you wouldn’t change it for a sack of gold
    Let’s go on with the show!”

  3. “They’re only buying crap this year.” Ain’t that the truth. I’m trying to think of what I like to watch. Which version of The FBI something, or NCIS fill in the city, or Chicago whatever, or Rescue 911, etc etc I like. It’s all rather boring to me.

    Even Wheel of Fortune has been making me mad lately. One person will spin and spin, slowly filling in letters, racking up some money and cool prizes, then suddenly land on Bankrupt! Stupid wheel!!

    Joe don’t give up. Give me something good to watch again. Help me!

  4. It sounds like you’re on a hamster wheel. Maybe, you need a vacation? Is Japan open? Sending you a {{{Hug}}}.

    Here, I’ve been dealing with the aftermath of my brother’s death. We had to scramble to pull off a budget funeral. He made no plans, no will, no access to his funds or pre-burial arrangements (he had lung cancer).

    Then, my nephew made a nuisance of himself at my mom’s house and we had to ask him to leave. That was tough because we didn’t want any hard feelings but he was stressing my mom out. Mom comes first.

    Thankfully, my mom is calming down. She was all worked up like a nest of hornets that had been poked. Life is settling down again.

    As for you, I hope you can sink your teeth into a really good production soon!

  5. Thus concludes my inspirational speech on why all you college kids should want to get into this business. 😉

  6. wow! so similar to search for a good gallery to represent a talented sculptor of mine

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