Huzzah!  I have completed a rough first draft of my feature script.  It’s a little hard to believe given that I think I really just started writing it about a week ago.  And yet, 100 pages later, I have a first pass on the first film script I’ve written in – oh – twelve years.  And it’s a rare non-genre foray for me.  No ships or sorcery, talismans or time travel.  Just a character-driven story with heart, humor and, of course, my trademark twists and turns, shocks and surprises.  I always find that, the closer I get to the end of a script, the more I experience a sense of urgency.  In the back of my mind, I’m always thinking I’ve got get it done and out there in case something happens to me and this script never sees the light of day.  I’ll get eaten by a polar bear and my script will sit on my laptop, inaccessible to the world, my latest and greatest work never to be read by anyone.  As opposed, of course, to being pitched, shopped, turned down, its big screen adaptation never to be seen by anyone.  Anyway, next step – I’ll be reviewing old news reports, 30’s vernacular, and songs released in early 1934.  I’m ahead of schedule, so hoping to get a first draft to my agent within the next two weeks.

A few thoughts…

And today’s Yes/No…


6 thoughts on “April 28, 2022: First draft complete!

  1. The movie sounds very interesting! I’m sure it will be smoooooth sailing from here to production!

    No the cornbread donut. Why would anyone think of such a thing.

  2. It took me harassing you again to write those children’s books about an adorable pug to get you writing like a madman. You’re welcome. 🙂

    I want one of those cornbread donuts NOW! Look at it! It’s beautiful!

  3. The 1930s were so stylish! Fingers crossed we get to see it on the big screen one day!

    My grandmother made it to 104 and died last year. She also lived through two world wars and two global pandemics. She never drank alcohol and didn’t really like chocolate. Her main vice was buying lottery tickets but she never won the big prize!

    1. 104 years of playing the lottery and never winning big? Now that’s depressing.

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