My conversation with Akemi today:

Me: Batman is a good guy.

Akemi: He’s a bad guy.

Me: No.  He’s a hero.

Akemi: Then  why is he called Bad Man?

Me: He’s not called Bad Man.  He’s called Batman.  He named himself after the bat.

Akemi: Say his name.

Me: Batman.  Not Bad Man.

Akemi: Sounds the same to me.  (Then, after some thought…)  But I guess it explains why his costume makes him look like a bat.

Gary Jones: “Now let her know about his sidekick, “Robbing.””

To be fair, she doesn’t have much interest in superheroes, neither “the guy with the hammer” (Thor), “the guy with the frisbee” (Captain America), or Shrek (the Hulk).


But she IS a big fan of both Mr. Freeze and Harley Quinn because their origin stories are basically love stories.

P.S.  For years, she thought THIS was Dr. Who…


Today’s Yes/No…

Speaking of no’s…

Meanwhile, on the home front…



4 thoughts on “April 16, 2022: Meanwhile on the home front…

  1. With food prices rising, maybe eating flowers aren’t such a bad idea.

    Love the Akemi-isms! When you think about it, Badman and Robbing makes perfect sense.

    I was inspired by your previous smash burger posts and tried one on my vacation. It was delicious! I eat (mostly) a veggie diet, so it felt like I had a brick in my stomach that day. Pros and cons.

  2. Okay, Akemi is too funny!

    As I watched Pocahontas last night – Saturday (actually long enough to read the credits) and saw your Stargate Atlantis writing buddy Carl Binder wrote it, I thought to myself, damn why doesn’t Joe write that children book with Akemi illustrating?! Come on Joe. What’s the hold up? This would be a piece of cake for you! It could be about pugs or one special pug… A series of books. And if your stories are fantastical, and make no sense, the kids will love it even better.

  3. Dinner flowers are a real thing, maybe if it was mixed into the salad. I wasn’t a Shrek fan until Ragnarok, which reminds me to go check out the Love and Thunder trailer. Eatings wise I’m loving mini english breakfasts with good salami fried in the spicy oil from the bruschetta pepper bottle with a few roasted tomatoes and mushrooms with spices. Just a tiny amount is heavenly with my boring boiled egg.

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