Today, Akemi’s and I visited J-Town, aka Japan-Town, aka the land of soy milk and honey-matcha mochi.

It’s located about 90 minutes from our place by public transportation, but I accompanied Akemi because that’s what husband’s do – especially after being guilted for not being more enthusiastic about a rare couples excursion.


So, we walked from our place to the bus stop.  From the bus stop to the subway.  To the subway to the other bus stop.  And from the bus stop to J-Town mall which, to be frank, is less a mall and more a tiny strip mall of a half dozen tiny shops selling Japanese goods.  BUT Akemi was thrilled nonetheless.

The Arrival
The Arrival Part 2

We started with a preliminary walk-thru, a scouting session of sorts to give us a a lay of the land – and potential purchases – prior to really getting down to it.

Pxl_20220401_144118121-1 Pxl_20220401_144142292

But before commencing our official shopping, we decided to grab lunch first.  Being J-Town, you would imagine they’d have a plethora of fine Japanese eateries to choose from – but that assumption would be incorrect.  The two big izakayas are only open for dinner.  And a couple of the other sit-down spots seemed to be still nursing their pandemic hangovers and remained closed.  So we opted for a couple of onigirazu, open-faced seaweed-wrapped rice balls stuffed with beef and chicken and ate outside where we could enjoy the just-above-freezing winter chill.


Then, it was off to Yuzu no Ki Cafe, perhaps the only place open for sit-down service, where we enjoyed a cream chouquette and matcha opera cake, both delicious.

Dezato. Totemo oishikatta desu!

Fortified by beef and cream, we then put Operation Kaimono (shopping)!

Pxl_20220401_150218192 Pxl_20220401_150214459 Pxl_20220401_150151242 Pxl_20220401_150148563 Pxl_20220401_150315582 Pxl_20220401_150220036

(P.S. I know be regret not buy-in that couch with the reclining cat}

Akemi grabbed the basic necessities – rice, soy, tofu, miso, yuzu kosho, shisho, sakura ebi, more rice, and snacks in addition to the elusive mirin she’s been on the look-out for since…forever.  I, meanwhile, focused on the proteins: four different types of burger, two types of tongue, one cheek, and some monkfish liver.

The elusive mirin!

Rather than hazard the 90 minute trek back using public transportation, we elected to grab an uber which was, admittedly more expensive but undoubtedly easier on the arms given the two 15 lb rice bags Akemi had me carrying.


Akemi’s haul….




3 thoughts on “April 1, 2022: J-Town!

  1. You’re a good husband. I’m glad Akemi got to go. It must be hard leaving your home country. I would miss the food, customs and speaking my native language fluently. Any idea when she can travel back for a family visit?

  2. Glad to see Akemi finally got an outing to indulge herself.
    Your’e a good husband for accompanying her, Joe.
    Suji starting hydro therapy soon? You previously mentioned something about April?

    @Tam, Any damage or power loss in your neighborhood from that horrible storm?
    I heard a couple tornado’s touched down in Florida near the area where your’e BIL
    had been living when hurricane Michael hit.

    Update on my progress coming tomorrow, Saturday.
    It’s actually first bit of good news I’ve had since my nightmare struggle began.

    @Gilder So very sorry to hear of the loss of your friend.
    Glad he at least had his family around him in final moments.

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