4 thoughts on “March 20, 2022: Suji Sunday!

  1. Always the fashion maven. Suji looks beautifully cozy in her hooded overcoat. She’s so lucky to have you and Akemi pamper her with strawberries while she is ailing. And how wonderful She and you were able to catch up with one of your favorite directors, cowboy Bruce Macdonald.

    Making some progress both on and offline on my end.
    So much love and gratitude to Joe for med fund RTs and to Maryanne and Tam for their contributions this month. You Guys Rock!!! XO

    I may possibly have a ride, with my belongings in same vehicle, in May, to Massachusetts.
    If it pans out this would greatly reduce moving costs. Keeping my fingers crossed. I’ll know for sure this week. Also, I’ve been in touch with a few cancer charity orgs in the greater Boston area.
    Am Hoping to hold off on next surgery until after the move.
    Three local charities there say they can help me cover housing expenses while i recover from next surgery. They also emailed me a list of of private orgs that help vulnerable Massachusetts residents
    with things like food, transportation , and in home care services.

    Albeit, still need to come up with $300 to meet rent arrears and pay April rent in full and have only 10 days left to do it! Obviously, if a final eviction notice is served here in Florida and goes on record, any applications for housing will be rejected in favor of those with better credit.

    Medfund: https://fundrazr.com/81xyr6
    Venmo: DreaCrysel (at gmail)

    If I remain in Florida, I will have same problem of not being able to make rent after next surgery
    and the only option left available will be one of the worst, poorly run, nursing homes, anyone can imagine, during recovery. This would in all likelihood mean the end of the line in this world for me.
    Especially considering that Florida, under the current Trump supporting, extremist governor,
    could not see fit to get me financially qualified for the necessary targeted therapies
    that are my best shot for remission and longer term survival.

    I’ve contacted more than 14 churches here in the Orlando area.
    All are seriously financially struggling and could not help.
    I started a personal twitter for the med fund on my phone last week,
    but gained no traction, and was soon there after warned from a fellow local East Orlando ILC patient,
    she got busted recently running a fundraiser on twitter/FB
    and Florida gov cancelled what little she was receiving in state resources.
    Her Twitter/FB fundraiser pages had only been up and running for two weeks
    when it was noticed by someone working with the governors office.
    Thus, I was forced to set the account to private.

    Anyone else who can contribute anything this month to help keep me safe and fighting,
    even if you dont know me, please, just know you are helping to save a life.
    Time is of the essence. So I am asking you to please not turn away
    even though it is taking me longer than I’d originally expected to stabilize the situation.
    Massachusetts is my best shot and can financially qualify me, via state resources,
    to obtain the targeted therapies I desperately need to have a real hope of acheiving a sustained remission
    and getting back on my feet. But I cannot get there without you.
    Right now, coming up with even so little as $300 more on my own, might as well be $50 million for me!

    With all the new therapies out there today, no one should have to die from 2b ILC.
    Access to higher quality healthcare
    should be a right, not a privilege.

    Medfund: https://fundrazr.com/81xyr6
    Venmo: DreaCrysel (at gmail)

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