Alas, no.  We didn’t get a new pug.  Although you’d be excused for assuming this if you follow me on instagram and happened to see this picture pop up on my IG story without comment.  The little gal, Bubby, belongs to one of our neighbors.  I snapped a couple of photos of Akemi – and, somehow, inadvertently ended up posting it to Instagram.  How does that happen?


The breadmeister strikes again.  Showing off her latest creation.

Today’s Yes/No…

Actually, doesn’t sound so good.  Not good.  Not good at all.

Back at the beginning fo the pandemic, I advised everyone to stock up on necessities.  Today, I’m sending out the same warning.

Flour rationing in Lebanon.  Grain hoarding in Hungary.  How the Ukraine war is lurching the globe toward a new food crisis.

Like a ninja, this guy…

3 thoughts on “March 11, 2022: The weekend is upon us!

  1. The food crunch will be bad. There is some hope in that we know it’s coming early in the growing season so fewer fields will lie fallow, but if Ukraine really doesn’t plant, that’s historic.

    The very poor get hit really bad just from the first world having economic problems. The price of wheat, rice, and beans skyrocket as people who can normally afford a more varied diet need to be more frugal. They can do that by eating more rice and beans even if they are paying high prices for them. That leaves less for the third world.

  2. Akemi’s bread looks amazing! Do you eat that with butter or oil? I’ll take either because I love bread.

    The Alabama Roll doesn’t sound that bad. We make a fancier version with this product: They’re are getting hard to find in our stores lately.

    We received 2-5 inches of snow last night but the roads look clear. So, it looks like my friend will be able to visit tomorrow. I took out a loan and bought a beef roast. 😉

    Have fun visiting burger joints! 😋🙋‍♀️

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