Just got off a great call with a genre-savvy exec who likes the type of sci-fi I love to write – high concept, character-driven action-adventure with a sense of humor.  Although he’s familiar with my work from the Stargate days – and instead of making him read a script – I directed him to episodes 304 and 309 of Dark Matter.

So, how’s everyone doing?  What are you looking to get done before as the weekend approaches?

Meanwhile, on the home front…

Today’s Yes/No…

Decidedly no.

4 thoughts on “March 10, 2022: This and That!

  1. Joe said: “ So, how’s everyone doing? What are you looking to get done before as the weekend approaches?”

    Making progress, not looking for perfection. Hope to charge battery on my favorite car (garaged almost two years due COVID and other reasons) and get it inspected tomorrow (Friday).

    We became a one-driver (me) family last year. Now we’re preparing to trade three pre-2016 vehicles for one 2022 model with up-to-date safety & comfort features.

  2. I’ll leave the taco truck jellybeans alone. I need the proteins and fiber of real tacos more than the carbs of jelly beans.

  3. Another project to juggle? You’ve got it going on! Don’t forget to make time for another burger tasting day. We all look forward to the food porn. 😉

    Snow is coming tonight but not staying long (I hope). I have a friend driving in Sunday from Nashville for a short stay. If you ever start traveling again, Nashville is getting a Four Seasons Hotel. My friend bought a condo (it’s still being constructed) there and the Four Seasons sounds like your kind of place.

    Other than that, I have a lemon pound cake in the oven for my neighbor. She left me a wonderful spinach casserole the other day and I need to reciprocate.

    You’re a good husband to try all those unusual foods. My super superfood is yogurt. 😉

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