9 thoughts on “March 12, 2022: Cooking with Mama Mallozzi!

  1. I would subscribe to your mum’s cooking channel on YouTube. She’s a legend!

  2. Your mom is fantastic!! I can’t understand everything she says, because her accent is too thick, but by listening to her, watching, and the occasional sub text, I get it. I would love to pull up a bar stool, sit, talk, and watch her cook. She cook like that the entire time you were growing up? Amazing. That’s a lot of work. But looks like Andria has her all professionally organized in her beautiful kitchen. I bet your mom likes cooking there just as much as Andria likes eating it!

  3. I agree with Line Noise. I would subscribe to your mum’s channel. You were lucky to grow up with that wonderful food.
    I’ve never cooked with semolina and next time I make pasta, I will try it. I do have questions for your mum about the mussels: If a mussel has bugs, are they still good? Are bugs normal in mussels or clams? Can you remove them from the and then cook with them? All those are probably stupid questions but I’m a rookie, so please forgive me.

    P.S. Beautiful kitchens!

  4. Love it. A language and cooking lesson all in one!
    Gosh. I miss mussels.
    Growing up on the ocean back east I used to make fresh mussels
    stewed in a milk, butter, salt, & pepper sauce and smothered in bits of tomato & minced celery, topping.
    Haven’t had any in ages.

    Medical update:

    I’m on my second week of a new month long round of radiation. Scans on the Feb 17th showed new growth. Have missed a few days work again. Trying to raise money to meet March 1st rent, including arrears from February that i couldn’t pay due to missing a couple weeks in Jan when I was hit by a car just trying to cross a local street. Also, I got a line on a couple affordable housing units available April 1st in Massachusetts. Albeit, with affordable housing and room shares in short supply these days, realtor says I would need to have my app fees and deposit in as quickly as possible, because openings get scooped up extremely quickly. Worth it though. Massachusetts participates in the fed affordable care act expansion to get me fully insured. The state has much better, multiple, cancer therapy programs and attracts much better doctors. Also, employment base wages there are higher, more toward sustainable.

    Time is of the essence here for both meeting the costs of my current and hopefully future residence.
    Anything you can pitch in to the med fund this month toward the goal of helping me live to fight another day is incredibly appreciated.

    Without your help i cannot survive this fight much longer.
    The constant ongoing stress and struggle just to keep from becoming homeless with skyrocketed rents, meeting the upfront so called sliding scale doctor visit co pays, and keeping up necessary meds, has been beyond the most horrific seemingly never ending nightmare here in Florida. With so many new therapies out there these days, no one should have to die from a simple stage 2b ILC anymore.

    So grateful to you Joe, for always posting something fun to distract us in these difficult times.
    Love your moms vids and the photo of Akemi holding your neighbors adorable puppers.

    Drea’s med fund: https:// fundrazr.com/d1rUX1

    Venmo: DreaCrysel ( at gmail)

    1. Drea, you should not be out any money from your car accident. Get a lawyer and sue the driver’s insurance company. It was not your fault. Figure up everything you are out, multiply x3, and sue. One third will go to your lawyer and you keep 2/3 of the insurance settlement.

      1. The case is already at the lawyer and the driver’s insurance company. It was done on January 14th. The same day of the accident. Within the same week the lawyer filed suit in the courts. Unfortunately, It will take several months, or possibly longer, before i see a dime. I’m once again on a time crunch here to make March rent and come up with enough to raise moving costs, deposit and app fees for the move North.

      2. Also, not that simple. The driver who hit me was young dirt poor mother with 9 month old infant in vehicle at time of accident and two more under the age of 5 at home. The lawyer says she is unemployed and she was already behind in her basic vehicle insurance payments.

  5. Since Jace Corso from Dark Matter has an Italian last name, this post about your mom’s Italian cooking prompted me to wonder if you ever had any kind of backstory for him in your head? What about his parents? Was he orphaned? Were they nice, normal people who’d be disappointed he turned out to be a career criminal, or did he have criminals in his family already (or other bad role models)?

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