Today, I joined David Reed for the 120th episode of his Dial the Gate series.  We talked Stargate: Atlantis season 5 – bringing Bob Picardo on board, Jason losing the dreadlocks, plans for season 6, the Atlantis movie that never was, and much, much more.  Check it out!

Yesterday, Akemi and I visited St. Lawrence Market – for the first time in over two years.


It finally gave me the opportunity to check out a varied cheese selection!

Unlike Akemi (who can’t stand to even smell the stuff), I am a big fan of cheese.  I lean towards super soft, extra runny.  The type of cheese, as one cheesemonger once put it: “That you have to chase around the plate.”


I ended up picking three that fall into this category: Epoisses which I’ve enjoyed several times in the past, Adoray which I picked up once for a wine & cheese party and absolutely loved, and the La Tur which I’ve never tried before but came highly recommended by the shop owner.

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The Epoisses was as tasty as I remember while the Adoray was one of those rare culinary experiences that leaves you as wowed as the first time you sampled it.  But the La Tur…positively sublime.  It’s now of one of my top Desert Island Cheeses along with Delice de Bourgogne.

So, what say you cheeseheads?  Where do your preferences lie?

Today’s Yes/No…


10 thoughts on “February 26, 2022: Stargate, cheese, and whisky lemonade!

  1. OMG those cheese look yummy. I would have bought more. LOL.
    Super soft extra runny is my go to, as well as stinky cheese.

  2. I’m with you on the soft and runny cheese preference. But I also don’t like the flavour to be too strong. Your selection looks super strong! Fromager d’Affinois ( is my favourite at the moment. Very mild tasting and extra creamy.

    When I go for harder cheeses I never stray too far from Snowdownia Cheese’s Black Bomber ( Again, not too strong tasting but nicely tangy and a creamy texture.

  3. I used to have to serve escargot and baked brie as a waitress in a French restaurant. I sampled them and was not immediately a fan, but carrying the platter above my shoulder, just inches from my nose, made the smell of both so off-putting that now I can’t stand either. I love bleu cheese, extra sharp cheddar, feta, and the like, but I have never had the courage to get back to runny cheeses. Sharp, pungent, but firm cheeses are divine! I eat them almost every day instead of meat.

    The canned whiskey lemonade cocktail makes my mouth water even though I no longer consume alcohol.

    I can’t wait to catch up on your Dial the Gate episode. I know that you said you weren’t going to be doing these types of appearances.anymore, so I really appreciate your taking the time to rejoin that arena. You and Akemi are absolutely lovely folks who make life so much more interesting for others, as does darling Suji.

    On an extremely sad note, I had to allow my sweet, kind Fluffy kitty to cross the rainbow bridge yesterday. It was suggested to me to take comfort items for him to enjoy in our final time together. A very serious auto immune disease kept him from eating crunchy cat food, which he dearly loved and missed. We sat together on a couch in a semi darkened room, surrounded by beautiful Asian art on the walls.; he was resting on a very thick, comfy towel right next to me. I hand fed him his favorite crunchies that he hadn’t enjoyed in a over a decade. He was so happy that he purred and “made dough” for the first time in a long while. He also let the staff come through and say their goodbyes by loving on him, something he had never done before, not trusting anyone but me. Although I am so deeply sad, it was probably the most beautiful euthanasia experience I have ever had. Fluffy’s suffering ended in a very Zen, happy way for him and I am so appreciative of both the person who suggested the final ritual and my holistic vet and her staff who gave us all the time that we wanted without feeling rushed. I can’t say enough good things about CHAI, Chattanooga Holistic Animal Institute, where they practice both eastern and western medicine, including utilizing Reiki, acupuncture, laser therapy, and Asian herbs. They gave Fluffy more than ten years of happy, healthy life when other vets would have put him down at the approximate age of three. (I was never sure of his age, as I found him on my front porch in need of immediate medical care.) And, in the end, they made his passing easy and extremely.peaceful. Something that you and your pet loving followers might want to consider if dealing with difficult to treat medical issues and when finally heading down the road to dropping off your beloved fur babies at the rainbow bridge….

    1. Colleen, saddened and very sorry to hear of your Fluffy’s passing. My deepest condolences.

  4. I was just discussing with my family how good the government cheese was that the U.S. government gave out in the 80’s. It held up on its own but melted well too. Whatever you can eat as much as you want of when you’re poor becomes comfort food.

    There’s a Louisville sandwich called a hot brown. Flavor-wise, I loved that style of sandwich, but my mom served it to me as a kid with no hint that you can eat a sandwich with utensils so sandwich soup was frustrating. But, hey, if you want to chase your cheese around the plate, that should be up your alley.

  5. I simply love the sharpest white cheddar cheese; in omelettes, on crackers or just by itself.

  6. Once again, I’d love to follow you two around just for the food. ( similar to Suji but not as cute 😉 )

    Do the Japanese cook with cheese in any their traditional cuisine? If no, then maybe they don’t have the cheese lover gene. I don’t have the cilantro gene. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    I did have one Uncle that hated cheese. He wouldn’t even eat pizza. He always asked us “Why do you like spoiled milk?”

    For the first time in two years, we have my hubby’s family staying over for the weekend. Thankfully, my only jobs are to keep the food coming and the dishwasher running. I can do that but I miss the old days of hibernation. 😉

  7. Seeing how you asked – I have tried lots of different cheeses as I love it (a bit too much) and I am unable to say that I like the soft or runny variety. My favourite is English extra mature Chedder (cave aged) – it has a crumbly and almost crystaline like texture, the flavour is just off the charts but I can not describe it as true Chedder is unique. To me, it is best eaten with warm fresh baked crusty bread with salted butter, and a glass of chilled west country cider.

  8. Finally listened to this podcast today. You are so good. Funny how one of the first questions asked was “Can we see Suji?” Lol!!

    Jason and his dreads, those network people really blew that call in not letting him cut his hair. Makes me wonder if they ever make any good decisions. I would have written the scene where he looses them differently from your version…

    John, Ronon, Teyla, and McKay get caught up in a big hand to hand fight with the wraith. They do have swords. Rodney has no weapon so Ronon throws him one of his swords. Rodney in a panic starts swinging wildly and accidentally cuts off Ronon’s deads in the back of his head. Later Teyla cuts the rest of his hair. Ronon stays mad a Rodney for several episodes. And Jason gets to have a new do.

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