When Dark Matter first went into production, my writing partner and I were each gifted a bottle of fine scotch c/o our old friend Martin Gero.  I elected to share mine with the production team, unwittingly kicking off a tradition that would see us assemble at lunch every day outside my office for a shot.  And thus, the Dark Matter Whiskey Club was born.  Line Producer Norman Denver followed up by contributing a bottle of Lagavulin 16 and others soon followed, gifting the club a varied selection of whiskies.  We averaged thirteen bottles a season (one bottle an episode), thirty-nine bottles in all by the time of our premature cancellation.  And, when it was time to wrap it up, I ended up bringing the collection back home with me, determined to revive the club on my next production.

In the interim, I decided to gather some friends for the occasional whiskey tasting.  Every few weeks, I’d break out a half dozen different bottles and have the neighbors over.  Finally, last Wednesday, we had officially worked our way through my entire collection – approximately 90 bottles (mostly whiskies but about a half dozen other spirits).

The full Pick Your Poison line-up:














A few observations: Japanese whisky is almost uniformly fantastic.  I’m not a big fan of sherry cask whiskies.  Armagnac isn’t for me.  When it comes to the high-end cognacs, Martell is my jam.  Dickel Tabasco Finish is no joke.  It’s surprisingly delicious.  There’s some surprisingly great whiskey coming out of Chicago.  Lophraig and Lagavulin are acquired tastes – that I have acquired.  When it comes to smooth-drinking scotches, it’s hard to beat Balvenie Carribean Cask 14.  Meanwhile, Jefferson’s is the bourbon to beat.  When it comes to young whiskies, Hudsons Baby Bourbons lead the pack.  In the world of Irish whiskies, a simple Writer’s Tears is my preference.

Looking forward to expanding the collection!

8 thoughts on “February 19, 2022: Pick Your Poison!

  1. I see the Bacon Bourbon made it to the Dark Matter Whiskey Club. 🙂 (I was initially intreaged, but my reaction ultimately became “Meh” after several glasses over time.)

    The Ardbeg Corryvreckan is still my favorite due to its peatiness and complexity.
    Nikka Coffey Malt is in the top 5, and maybe number 2 depending on the day.
    The Dickel Tabasco Barrel is good, but I have to be in the mood for it.
    The High West Campfire was a disappointment, but that may have been due to it being advertised as a Bourbon that has the smokiness of a peaty scotch. Had it not been sold that way I think I would have liked it better.
    The Toki was very drinkable, but not limited in its notes and compbulexity.
    Westward was good once I added a splash.

    Have you tried Balcones Brimstone by chance?

    I hope you all are doing well!

      1. I’m glad you liked it. For me, the romance waned rapidly. Maybe I should have paced myself with it…

  2. I found this cool thing on Reddit! The computer display shows that the members of the strike teams in the Expanse series finale are named after famous scifi characters, including Jack O’Neil!

    Link to pic here: https://i.redd.it/nxgcr600dsb81.jpg

    Also including
    Ackbar, G. (General Ackbar – Star Wars)
    Idaho, D. (Duncan Idaho – Dune)
    Shepard, C. (Commander Shephard – Mass Effect)
    Ripley, E. (Ellen Ripley – Alien)
    Vasquez, J. (Jenette Vasquez – Aliens)
    Hicks, D. (Dwayne Hicks – Aliens)
    Deckard, R. (Rick Deckard – Blade Runner)
    Thrace, K. (Kara Thrace aka Starbuck – modern Battlestar Galactica)
    Connor, S. (Sarah Connor – The Terminator)
    K. Flynn (Kevin Flynn – TRON)
    Riker, W. (William Riker – Star Trek: The Next Generation)

  3. As a tee-totaller it all tastes like rocket fuel to me!

    Speaking of Martin Gero, I see he’s set to produce a possible Quantum Leap reboot/revival! I love that show. I’m doing a rewatch at the moment. If it gets picked up would you be open to writing an episode or two? I know how you love a good time travel story!

  4. I don’t tolerate histamine enough to be drinking bourbon, but I recommend signing up for the Maker’s Mark Ambassador program. We haven’t been die-hard enough to buy from the barrel with my husband’s name on it, but the swag they send us is really cute.

  5. Being from Kentucky originally, there are lots of stories of bourbon, moonshine, and tea totaling that define my family history. My mom had a step-dad who was a trained Italian chef and also a tea totaler so a good hire for a bourbon taster in Louisville. A taster is expected to spit the bourbon, but gradually he started swallowing more and more until his liver shut down. I never met him.

    I think a moderate drinker would have been better for the job because a tea totaler who isn’t that way because of religion probably has a good reason for that choice that puts them at more risk not less.

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