This little lady protested my trip to Montreal by not pooping for the duration of my time away.  With me back home, however, she has decisively reversed this policy in a very big way.  Still limited mobility in her legs, but significant movement on the bowel front.

Montreal was a lot of fun.  As always when I travel back, I ate well.  Maybe a little too well.

Pistachio-Cream Cheesecake Topped with Crushed Pistachios

Now that I’ve returned, my oatmeal dinners resume as previously scheduled.

Apparently, the pug apologizes for overeating.  Perfect.

Today’s Yes/No…

So, who are you rooting for in this year’s Super Bowl?  As much as I like Matthew Stafford and the prospect of him finally getting a ring, I have to go with the Bengals, partly because they’ve never won a Super Bowl, but mostly because they have the coolest helmets in the league.

2 thoughts on “February 11, 2022: Back in the Toronto swing of things!

  1. Well Suji looks much happier in that picture above now that her favorite poop-assister is back. Awe, she loves you so much! No more constipation face.

    The other grocery shoppers just probably thought Akemi was drunk. That’s what I would think if I saw someone taking pictures of potatoes up close and smiling at them (I’m sure she was smiling at them).

    Your oatmeal dinner looks disgusting. Do you have to throw it in the bowl? Can’t you spoon it in nice and neatly?

    That souffle looks better bigger! I’ll take it!

    Go Bengals. I don’t know why except I think they won in OT to get there. But I will cover my butt and say I really don’t care who wins…

  2. Thanks for that light hearted post! Reading it gave me a smile.

    Yay for Suji! It’s the little things in life that make the most difference at times. 🙂

    Oatmeal for dinner is a good payment for such a good time seeing your family. It will be smash burger Sunday in no time.

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