In Montreal to celebrate mom’s 88th birthday!


Mom in action.


Her famed rabbit dish.


Fernando who is technically my sister’s dog but prefers to live with mom.


Sis with the not-pizza.


Sitting down to lunch.


Deep pistachio tiramisu!


Pistachio cookies.


Turning in for the night in my old bedroom.


Sis, all color-coordinated and such.


Color explosion.


Mom shows off the 50th Anniversary album she received from work.  She is considering retirement.


Surprise flowers c/o Andria, Akemi, and yours truly.


Caramel showing off his new do.


Birthday lunch…

Img_1600 Img_1601

And the pickled eggplant…


I can’t imagine eating anything until lunch tomorrow.  It’s 3:30 p.m. and I’m ready for bed.  Except…


Somebody just dropped off sushi.

Cooking lessons with Mama Mallozzi: Tagliatelle con Lenticchie.

12 thoughts on “February 8, 2022: The Big 88!

  1. What a beautiful family and amazing food! Thank you for sharing.. An honor!

  2. Was not expecting a delicious pasta tutorial, what a nice gift, and the tip with the sifter to keep the flour from getting in the water; so simple yet I would not have thought of it in any lifetime, happiest of birthdays!
    The battered shrimp looks so good, how did they cram all that batter and spice onto those shrimp?

    I’m off to finish seasoning the beef cubes I managed to get on sale, been simmering it with spices and carrots for a couple hours but it needs a good while before it’s truly tender.

  3. Oh man that food looks so good! Would love to try her Tagliatelle con Lenticchie. Everybody looks marvelous! Please tell your mom HAPPY BIRTHDAY from her internet admirers! Such a talented lady!

  4. Ok, I NEED that deep pistachio tiramisu recipe. It looks delicious!

  5. Happy Birthday Mrs. Mallozzi ! Love your cooking lesson. We octogenarians should stick together! I will be 86 next month.I don’t cook as much anymore, so good for you!!

  6. Happy birthday Mama Mallozzi! That video was beautiful and fascinating to watch your Mom making a favourite dish. I tried making my own pasta a couple of years ago… now I know why it wasn’t so great. You, Mom and Sis look well. Enjoy the time together.

  7. Your mom looks awesome! Happy Birthday to her!!!

    After following you several years, and looking at all those pics of your family, I decided I want your mom to adopt me 😉

    Hope you all had an enjoyable day.

  8. Happy Birthday Mama Mallozzi!
    So glad you were able to make it up there for her birthday, Joe.
    Let me guess.The Peanuts Christmas sheets were Andria’s idea, ?
    Ya know its really kinda funny, considering i grew up surrounded by so many italian families
    in my hometown, albeit I never once had pistachio tiramisu and have never seen it on a menu
    at a restaurant or in a bakery anywhere in NY over the years.
    As much as i love Tiramisu and all sweet pistachio treats,
    guess i never fully realized that until now.
    Does your mom make it with lady fingers? or does she use sponge cake?

    Health update coming up in the next day or two. (still having PC and internet problems.)

    Don’t forget to stop off at SMP’s to grab a hot pastrami on rye, for me, eh!

    Hugs n Love to all, Always. XO

    By The Way, You do realize it’s been two years
    and you still haven’t come up with a really
    good revenge prank, to get even with Buddy.
    C’mon now! A used bandaid in your food cant be all that difficult to top!! 😀

  9. Happy Birthday, Mrs Mallozzi!

    “Fernando who is technically my sister’s dog but prefers to live with mom.”
    Beautiful dog, tangled family ties. ;

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