Yozo!  How goes?  How did you spend the first part of your weekend?  I did a little reading, a (very) little writing, some stock research (finding value plays and checking their Price to Earnings, Price to Sales, and Long Term Debt to Capital).  Also, sat down (In truth, I was at my standing desk) and chatted with David Read for the latest installment of his Dial the Gate series wherein we discussed Stargate: Atlantis season 4 and specifically my most challenging script, my early plans for that Travelers set, and how Rodney almost became a dad.

Just click on the pic of me throwing you a displeased look and you will automatically be taken to our discussion.

Meanwhile in Canada…

Trudeau flees to secret location as protestors arrive in nation’s capital

It’s funny because, just the other day, he announced he was close contact with someone who had Covid and, thus, had to isolate, conveniently taking himself out of the public eye – even though Ontario Health regulations do not necessitate someone who is asymptomatic to isolate.  I”m sure his wife and kids will let him know when the coast is clear.

Today’s Yes/No…

At first, I thought it was a gag.  But then I researched and discovered – nope – it’s real!

Today, I found the following gift in my mailbox…


But there was no accompanying card or return address!  Mysterious, no?


5 thoughts on “January 29, 2022: my most challenging script, my early plans for that Travelers set, and how Rodney almost became a dad.

  1. I woke up at 2:13 am for no apparent reason and could not go back to sleep. Played with Merge Dragons on my phone, drank coffee, and washed the pet pad where my confused tuxedo cat likes to piddle. I think she has issues. Friend took me to the commissary on base for a monthly grocery stock up, and the inventory was slim “because of winter storms in other states”. Okay. I bought a lot of meat alternative patties and chicken, because I don’t want to cook and that’s easy and nominally good for me. Looked over my chores list, and checked my streaming services, and am too unsettled to watch or accomplish much. Now I’m listening to my husband’s audio library, digging the Harry Dresden series. Not even dark out yet and I am sleepy.

    Scintillating, retired life is simply scintillating.

  2. Joe, the first line of the article you posted on the PM’s move reads, “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family were moved from their residence to a secret location on Saturday due to the security risk posed by growing anti-vax protests in the capitol of Ottawa, CBC reports.”, not that the fled without his family. Not sure why you’re mischaracterizing that, we really don’t need anymore disinformation in the public discourse that what we already have. What these so-called “protestors” are doing needs more calling out – https://www.thestar.com/politics/federal/2022/01/29/terry-fox-statue-defaced-in-ottawa-sparking-condemnation.html.

    When my mother was dying of cancer in the hospital when I was 18, Terry Fox was an inspiration to her while she was sick. It really broke her heart when he passed away while she was in the hospital, and she herself passed away only about three weeks later. Because of this, I’ve always had great respect for his memory and it absolutely pains me to see these people treating his memorial like this. Shame on them forever.

  3. I listened today to your podcast with Dial The Gate today. Most entertaining. Always love hearing your behind the scenes stories. The Rodney with a baby sounds hilarious. A little boy just like him to drive everyone crazy would be epic.

    I wonder if you can fry bologna in that mustard soda? Save having to put mustard on your bread.

  4. That was so nice of someone to send you a gift! I hope you can find out who it was.

    The whole Trudeau thing is odd. First, he shrugs off the truckers as “fringe” and then he ducks out. This wasn’t his best move. I figure he’s visiting Prince Harry in that huge mansion or we’ll see a pictures of him dancing maskless in Miami. 😉 It’s like “Where’s Waldo” or something.

    On the other hand, the trucker protest is magnificent! I’m all for vaccines but against mandates for most industries. I “might” could get behand mandates for some health care professionals, such as nursing homes or cancer wards. Maybe…. 🤔

    No, on the mustard soda. I’m not much of a soda fan.

    Our big weekend was staying in. I ran on the treadmill, made a nice chicken noodle soup for hubby, and a cherry cobbler for myself. Our big adventure was making a “lemon drop” cocktail. I’ve never had one before and they are very tasty! I made a large batch and hubby had to explain that they are supposed to be shots. 😉

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