Two years ago, Akemi took up bread making.   Her first loaf was a spectacular success.  Heartened, she baked another loaf – but it disappointed.  As did the next one.  And the one after that.   Disappointed, she gave up – until last week.   Inspired by the  home made bread and cultured butter from a local restaurant, she gave it another go.  The results?  Success!  Not as memorable as the first time, but, as with most anything, it’s never as memorable as the first time.  But delicious nevertheless.

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Look at this gorgeous loaf – seated beside this gorgeous loaf!

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So, do we have any bakers in the audience?  What’s your secret?

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Recent culinary forays: black cod with tempura sauce (left) and fiorelli in a crab guts and butter sauce.

Today’s Yes/No…

9 thoughts on “January 27, 2022: Breaking Bread News!

  1. Oh wow! I love hot fresh bread (with lots of butter). Nothing beats that smell… except maybe steak and hamburgers on the grill or cookies in the oven. That loaf looks awesome. I had a bread maker once. Made several loafs of the most delicious bread until suddenly it started to make one flop after another. It just didn’t want to work any more. Don’t know why. Sad.

  2. I bake a lot but I’m lazy and I prefer recipes that aren’t complicated, so I swear by both the no-knead artisan bread recipe (there are various ones floating around the interwebs) and also the sourdough no-knead artisan bread recipe (King Arthur Flour’s site has that recipe). I highly recommend Akemi try those.

  3. My goodness! Congratulations Akemi. What a wonderful success!
    My first attempt at bread was at school, was so hard that even leaving it in the garden for a week (for the birds) didn’t improve it. I can still hear it as it hit the bin…. Needless to say, I buy my bread.

  4. Beautiful! I had the same experience. The first sourdough bread I made was awesome, but the rest had problems. Plus, I got bored keeping up with the yeast. It has to be taken care of with tender loving care. I admire the cooks/families who made their way across our continent during the 1800’s, hauling and maintaining food-stuff under extreme survival environments and situations.

  5. The Death of Doctor Strange #5 – cover art by Kaare Andrews from yesterday is stunning! Do you frame any of those covers you post? They would make wonderful game room additions.

    I haven’t made Sourdough in years, so no advice from me. I grew tired of feeding the starter. The only breads I make now are yeast breads, such as cinnamon rolls or dinner rolls made with honey.

    Today, I’ve been catching up on batch cooking. I usually make a few things in large amounts and freeze them in single servings for later. That helps when we’re busy. More and more I find myself relying on the Instant pot. I used the left over rotisserie chicken bones to make a stock for soup later in my large Instant pot and made a Impossible Beef sauce for lasagna in my small Instant pot for me.

    Any plans for the weekend?

    That trucker convoy in Canada is something, yes? I hope it works!

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