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Fully vaccinated Australians in hospital with Covid-19 surpass unvaccinated.

At first blush an eyebrow-raiser, but I have questions.  It’s clear that, despite assurances when the vaccines first rolled out, they do NOT prevent you from either getting covid OR spreading covid.  They do, apparently, keep you from getting very sick.  The news that more vaccinated than unvaccinated people are ending up in hospital would seem to contradict this, but one could make the argument that more vaccinated people are in hospital because the vast majority of people have been vaccinated.  A more telling data point would be the number of vaccinated vs unvaccinated covid patients in ICU.

Repeat booster shots risk overloading immune systems.

This from the W.H.O. no less.  Surprisingly (or not) I don’t really see much discussion about this point.  Contradicting this take is none other than everyone’s favorite veterinarian, the CEO of pfizer who now seems suddenly very down on his vaccine’s efficacy in the face of the omicron variant and strongly urges everyone to get a third booster while they’re waiting for his company to perfect a new vaccine that will be ready in March – just in time for your fourth booster!  Would love to hear the medical experts chime in on this particular topic whenever they can take time out from their TikTok videos and their various petitions.

Cannabis compounds prevented covid infection in laboratory study.

As my friend Rob pointed out, lab studies are long way from human trials.  Still, I’m keeping an eye on a few friends who – if this news is true – will have probably acquired superhuman immunity by now.

FAA numbers confirm it – 2021 was terrible for bad behavior in the skies.

Nothing a lifetime ban from flying can’t fix.

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14 thoughts on “January 13, 2022: Meanwhile, on the home front…

  1. What deaths we’re having in Australia are those over 75-90s with health conditions, but we have had young children 2-4 years old. The omicron is exponential here in Sydney, at least 3x more than they report, because they closed down 2/3s of the testing sites, we have no RATs and it takes too long to get a PCR.

    The chance of not getting Omicron I think is slim to none. Agreed vaccination doesn’t stop getting it or from sharing it.

    I don’t trust the big pharma – one of those 3 major pharmas invented the cure for skin cancer (which would be huge in Australia, given the high incidence) it had 100% efficacy – guess what? They locked in the IP – and it’s not to be sold. Because it ruins the subscription model of drugs that support against the symptoms. That same company one of these 3, the one most vocal, also sell castratration/cancer/endometriosis drugs to children 9-11 to ‘pause their puberty’. Ignoring all the animal studies that showed using these drugs off label would irreversibly harm, they went ahead and now 11 year old kids are getting osteoporosis and other damages. The ethics of this company is SERIOUSLY in question – they are making huge bucks and not paying back the support they got from the government and here in Oz still not bloody paying the percentage of tax my company would pay.
    So I’m dubious about the constant selling of vaccine. I’ve had 3 – enough is enough.

    The major concern down here, is that the pandemic is being used for over the top powers of government, one State, Victoria the premier has given himself the power to call a pandemic whether or not there is one and have any power over a citizen to send them to a camp. They’re also pushing through warrantless searches of all a citizens communications.

    The same premier is using also gender identity (and I know Canada is all totally for this ideology over reality) and it’s using that, with a definition of crimes against gender identity ideology to be decided by ‘The Committee’ they call it to give citizens up to 5 years jail and 250K fines. We know it include ‘misgendering’, or saying a man is a man, that idiotic crap that ‘s come out of USA universities – thats a god send for the medical industry. In all the federal, state, local governments they have people that report you to the Committee. It’s f–king scary times.

  2. You 2 are always so funny. LOL
    Cannabis is protective? Hmm … I’ll also keep an eye out on my friends for their potential superhuman immunity development …

  3. Was watching the game of thrones and was Jason Momoa had a reoccurring role which he never had with Melissa O’Neil. Was that by choice?

      1. Joseph, it was a bit tongue and cheek question as Game of Thrones was known for its rather rough visuals, not G rating. I would not change any of you editing choices. It’s why I have all 3 Stargate shows

    1. What are you asking, Duptiang? Based on Google, I don’t think Jason Momoa and Melissa O’Neil have ever been in the same show.

          1. Thanks for the info. I blame my T.B.I. which has made my memory not my friend.

  4. Whose to say all these places that are giving out the vaccine are using proper procedures. Remember the part about the vaccine must be keep at a certain freezing temperature until administered? Then it goes bad after a certain number of hours? I wonder if all these stadium-parking-lot-tent-drive-thru-set-ups for 1,000 cars a day are even doing it right.

    I think politicians are nothing but white collar criminals.

  5. I gave a chocolate peanut butter stout a pass over the weekend. Peanut butter whiskey would also get a no from me.

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