Well, Toronto is heading into lockdown for another three weeks after which, I’m sure, everything will be solved and life will return to normal.  Except for all the small businesses that will never be able to recover.  Indoor gatherings will also be limited…

Pick your poison….


Leaning towards the Koval myself, but why choose?

What would you do? Tell her the truth and make her look like a fool, or keep your mouth shut and feign ignorance if the mistake was discovered, immediately sending the correct draft as proof that you had actually done the work?

Today’s Yes/No…

On the plus side, very low in calories.

From the Stargate vault…

Screen-shot-2021-12-19-at-25640-pm Screen-shot-2021-12-19-at-25650-pm Screen-shot-2021-12-19-at-25701-pm Screen-shot-2021-12-19-at-25713-pm Screen-shot-2021-12-19-at-25724-pm

6 thoughts on “January 4, 2022: Here we go again!

  1. If I agreed with the changes to the rewrite, and actually preferred the new version, I would tell her that I had some other ideas and ask her if I could give her a second revised version the next day. Then I would provide the correct one.

  2. Sorry about being locked down. “Two couples and one loser” Who’s the loser? 😉
    Can you take Suji outside for walks? It’s “Interesting Times” we live in and I could use boring ones.

    Love the story about your first job! I would keep my mouth shut. 🙂

  3. This lockdown is gut punching small businesses, lower income folks, marginalized people again, pushing them deeper into the ditch … Throwing havoc to regular people’s life. Apparently the elite thinks this will solve the problem?? While of course, the elite and the high salaried folks will survive. Some of my friends are crying while telling me they don’t want to go back to EI again, those were dark days and they haven’t even recovered from the last lockdown yet. So infuriating.

    This quote by Matt O’Brien though does remind me of some people … “Ontario will allow capacity for two couples and one loser to gather indoors” … I guess I am one of those losers. hahahahaha

  4. I think I’d keep my mouth shut. I’d send the corrected draft to her with a note, “Here’s another draft I came up with that may be closer to what you want. You might like this version better.” Something like that.

  5. On the “First Job” hypothetical, I’d tell the truth (privately one on one), but post it as a “I think we might have got out of sync on our drafts. Can we review it against the current copy?” No need to embarrass them publicly unless they were doing this habitually (and maliciously).

    On Glass Potato Chips: No! I’m pretty adamant, that what I eat would at least be digestible, if not nutritional.

    Hey! I recognize a few of those ICs on that Asgard Replacement Part. Maybe I should’ve worked at area 51? 😉

    On the whiskey, I’d go for the Cardhu Speyside Scotch…that or the Nikka (but that’s usually a safe bet). I’ve been enjoying some of the Balcones (especially the Brimstone Scrub Oak Smoked variety). Their Rye is pretty good too.

    And sorry to hear about the new lockdown. We’ve seen about 1/4 of the restaurants close permanently last year, here in Michigan. Hopefully this lockdown passes quickly…

  6. I guess the moral of the script story is, “always go with your first instincts”? What DID you wind up doing?

    Those “glass” potato chips just seem to me that they use the sugars from the potato to make thin sugar wafers and as usual with these videos seems like a huge amount of work for middling results.

    I’m a bit annoyed by that guy’s inference in the first tweet that the person is a loser because they’re on their own!

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