Happy New Year!  How did you celebrate the countdown?  I rang in the New Year watching the final episode of the 6-part Korean sci-fi  series The Silent Sea.  Great premise, some very cool SF elements, and some memorable moments but it was a little slow at times.  Overall, a worthy watch.


We commemorated New Year’s Eve in the Japanese way – with soba.

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And ushered in the New Year with dumplings, ossechi, mikan and snapper (not pictured because Akemi deemed it too ugly for the photo op).


We also go our fortunes for 2022 – which, I’d argue, are more generic suggestions than actual prophecies.

I have decided to be a little more ambitious with my New Year’s resolutions this year.  I will accomplish each of these on the daily:

Read 100 pages of a book.

Read a new comic book series.

Read a classic comic book.

Complete a Korean lesson.

Complete a Japanese lesson.

Do an hour of stock research.

Do a half hour cardio.

Watch an episode of a new show.

Complete some sort of writing-related task be it generating ideas, hammering out a story, reviewing a pitch or, hell, even actually writing something.

Compose a blog entry.

AND – watch two new movies a week.

So far, so good.  But, in all fairness, it’s still early.

And you?  Any resolutions you’ll try sticking to in the days ahead?

6 thoughts on “January 1, 2022: Happy New Year!

  1. I went to bed early, but wound up ringing in the NY annoyed AF because people kept setting off fireworks in the neighbourhood and waking me up every 10 mins. Until 2 am.

    Those fortunes sound more like vague advice than anything. I prefer my fortune cookies/shibas with vague, slightly ominous predictions instead.

    No new year goals really, other than continuing stuff I was doing in 2021 that I enjoyed like trail maintenance, etc. Oh, and not catching COVID. If possible.

  2. I liked The Silent Sea quite a bit, probably in part because I am a fan of Bae Doona. I enjoyed her in another show on Netflix, Stranger, a police show in which her character has a male partner who doesn’t feel emotions. She’s also in Kingdom on Netflix, which gets good reviews.

  3. Happy New Year! Let’s hope 2022 is not 2020-too. LOL
    Your New Year meal looks great. Those fortunes sound weird.

  4. No formal NY’s resolutions for me! Resolutions can be a disappointment. I’ll just continue working out and trying new things. Hubby and are talking “zip line” for vacation this year. Which is big because we’re both acrophobic. 🤞

  5. Happy New Year to you two and all your families!

    The only new year resolutions I have is to clean out my email accounts, lose another 30 pounds, and finish all my 2021 writing and drawing projects (by being more disciplined and productive.)

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