The results of my echocardiogram arrived in the mail today.  The conclusion: “The study was technically good”.


“The left ventricle was normal in size”.

Okay.  So far so good.

“The aortic valve was trileaflet and normal with no regurgitation”.

To the best of my knowledge, this also seems okay.

“The mitral valve leaflets were normal with mild regurgitation”.

Regurgitation is a condition in which doesn’t close tightly, allowing blood to flow backwards into my heart.   But so long as it’s not severe…

“There was mild pulmonary regurgitation.  There was trace tricuspid regurgitation”.

Overall, a might too much regurgitation for my liking.  The mild pulmonary kind is, apparently, quite common. As is the tricuspid regurgitation.

“There was no wall motion abnormalities at rest.  At peak Persantine dose, there was normal augmentation and contractility of all segments.   Normal decrease in cavity size with stress.” and “Normal stress test.  Normal stress echo images.”

I got a second opinion from Dr. Google and it all checks out.

The report concludes by suggesting: “Continued regular exercise and healthy eating routine.”

Speaking of which…


Hokkaido uni and ikura rice bowl (Daily Seafood)

Pxl_20211217_171035759portrait Pxl_20211217_172956274portrait Pxl_20211217_174351177portrait Pxl_20211217_175626884portrait

Horchata, birria en su caldo, tacos de lengua, choco-coco flan impossible (Fonda Balam).


Adult PB&J ice cream (Pandoughra’s Box) and (Fly By Jing) szechuan chili oil.


Hot sauces compliments of Dr. Blackjack.


Matcha Lava Bites, also compliments of Dr. Blackjack.  I was going to suggest this was false advertising but my research shows that even lava that has cooled and stopped flowing is still referred to as lava…so these cookies get a pass.

Note: Restaurant meal snapped before the wheels came off on this whole “post” pandemic bus.

8 thoughts on “December 20, 2021: The heart results are in! Dun-dun-DUHHH!

  1. You’d think a doctor or physician’s assistant or nurse or even an office clerk or receptionist could have called you as a courtesy first before just sending a complicated medical jargon filled report.concerning, oh I don’t know, someone’s heart!!, through the mail. Is this a Canadian Health care System thing? Jeeze!

    Anyway, congratulations on your healthy heart! You can’t be married to Akemi and not be very healthy. She takes good care of you and Suji.

  2. Tacos de lengua! So crazy, I talked about that on my show! That good looks great!!! I’m glad to hear you are in good shape!!!

  3. Excellent news, glad you got your results! Much as I love the holidays I’m of course annoyed when everything closes and phones ring in empty offices. The plates look very tasty especially that impossible flan. I’m going to try making Hojaldras fry bread which is soft and chewy and a great wrapper for grilled chicken.

  4. New article. I’m confused but I hope this is legit:

    Oh and I hope you can get Akemi to visit her parents. She can leave you with a few prepared meals, ask Ivon to hubbysit and check in with Facetime/Zoom frequently. It’s really the only way Suji will be comfy. I know she’ll miss Akemi like crazy but she’ll have you to boss around, so she’ll be fine.

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