Sunday haul!  My local comic shop, The Silver Snail, is having an extended Black Friday sale, thus allowing me to indulge in my affinity for villainous collectibles.  Loving me some Citizen V, Spymaster, White Rabbit, and The Living Laser!


For lunch today, I had the smoked meat on rye gifted me by my visiting buddy and Mrs. Buddy.  I know, I know.  Sriracha and mayo?  We’re out of mustard.

I only had two sandwiches and limited my snacking to mostly dark chocolate this afternoon as Akemi and I are heading out to sushi with our foodie friend, Dr. Blackjack.

Speaking of eating…

Not exactly a taste explosion.  I find fugu’s flavor profile rather…sedate.

Why the hell am I wasting my time in development when I could be cuddling pandas?!

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