Received the results from our annual blood tests the other day and I’m pleased to report that it all looks good.  Blood sugar up a tick, vitamin D levels back to normal levels and, most surprisingly, my formerly high-is cholesterol is down significantly.  How to account for the healthy drop?  Is it the 17 hour fasting window between dinner and lunch?  The light dinners usually compromised of oatmeal, oat milk, fruit and protein powder?  The nightly cardio?  Or maybe it’s all that dark chocolate?  I’m inclined to lean towards the latter.

To celebrate, I dropped by Burger Drops in Liberty Village and sampled their signature Original cheeseburger with griddled onions, American cheese, house pickles, and Drop Sauce on potato roll –




That was one delicious smash burger. I would have gotten two, but I didn’t want to overdo it prior to my physio appointment for my bad shoulder (the Mallozzi’s have notoriously bad shoulders).   Once my appointment was over however….


I stopped again and picked up their other burger offering, the American, with ketchup, fresh diced onions, lettuce, American Cheese, and Drop Sauce served on a potato roll.  I also added jalapeño relish.  Overall, both great burgers but I found the addition of the lettuce made a world of different.  As Akemi put it: “Very refreshing!”

Any other smash burger fans out there?

The highlight of my day was an unexpected star sighting!  Akemi and I were walking downtown when we spotted a celebrity – and one of my very favorite actors Roger Cross – who was kind enough to stop for a photo op…


He was terrific in that Dark Matter spaceship series.  Check it out!

Today’s Yes/No…

Trick question.  Of course it’s a Yes.

9 thoughts on “November 19, 2021: Cholesterol, Smash Burgers, and a Celebrity Sighting!

  1. Oh my, the burgers looked fantastic! I’d break my vegetarian diet for those babies.

    Good thing they didn’t do a “pop cholesterol test” 😉

    Small world running into Roger! Although, it seems every TV show/movie has at least, an appearance from him. He’s had a very productive career!

    1. Roger Cross and Mike Dopud seem to be two of those actors who pop up almost everywhere. I was thinking about this recently. Interestingly, though, Roger hasn’t been in Dark Angel, Battlestar Galactica or Supernatural, three shows that happen to share a ton of guest and recurring actors with each other (though not main cast, with the exception of Jensen Ackles, who was in one episode of Season 1 of Dark Angel and then in the main cast of Season 2, as genetically engineered twin clone brothers Ben and Alec, and then one of the two leads of Supernatural as Dean Winchester). Though Roger was almost in Caprica, the Battlestar Galactica prequel, as Tomas Vergis, but his scenes were deleted from the Pilot (you can still see them on the DVD) and when Vergis appeared later in the series he was recast with John Pyper-Ferguson.

      Mike Dopud seems to be the only actor Battlestar Galactica (he played the Pegasus crewman Gage in various episodes) and Dark Matter had in common, and Jodelle Ferland seems to be the only actor Dark Angel (she played Annabelle Anselmo, the young daughter of hitman Bruno Anselmo, in “Red”) and Dark Matter had in common (which is ironic since they both have “Dark” in the name). The two of them also seem to be the only actors Dark Matter and Supernatural (Mike played townsperson Jeff Jenkins in a town where no one was dying in “Death Takes a Holiday”, and Jodelle played ghost girl Melanie Merchant in “Providence” and witch girl Emily in “Golden Time”) had in common.

  2. Congrats on your healthy blood work report. Very impressive! I’m trying to figure out your 17 hour fast. So let me guess… you eat lunch at 11 am, then dinner at 6 pm? But dinner is really just a little bit of healthy stuff. And you basically eat what you want for lunch. Basically. Akemi will keep you healthy. But anyway, good job!

    The burgers look awesome, like homemade.

    YES I’d try that ice cream.

  3. Burgers look delicious!
    Surprised to see one of the most hardworking actors not working on a weekday …. LOL

  4. I recently tried Burger King’s Plant Whopper, and .. It wasn’t unlike a regular Whopper, so much that if I were given either/or in a blind taste test, I probably couldn’t tell the difference.
    .. Though whether that’s down to how good the Plant-based patty was, or how generic and bland a regular Whopper tastes, I’m not sure.

  5. Smash burgers are awesome! Five Guys makes good ones.

    Yes to the ice cream.

    Roger looks like a giant next to Akemi. It’s great to see so much career success for him.

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