Hitting the gum with Donna Darko.

My left shoulder issues remain, thus eliminating push-ups and dips from my morning routine, but I was back to full running on the treadmill now that my back strain has cleared.  I’m reminded of the time Akemi and I were in a Japanese restaurant and an elderly customer got up to put on his overshoes, lost his balance, and slow-fell down to a sitting position.  The nearby waiter rushed over to help him up and, as the man got to his feet, he muttered: “Getting old is the boot.”.  He was right!

Today’s Yes/No…

From the Stargate: SG-1 (Season 6!) vault c/o Production Designer James Robbins…

Screen-shot-2021-11-05-at-55635-pm Screen-shot-2021-11-05-at-55704-pm Screen-shot-2021-11-05-at-55717-pm Screen-shot-2021-11-05-at-55736-pm Screen-shot-2021-11-05-at-124015-pm

3 thoughts on “November 5, 2021: End of Week Blog Extravaganza!

  1. Old??? LOL…whippersnapper,,,I’m 78, still lifting heavy weights and walking a mile or two every day,, on the other hand, my writing isn’t getting any better,, bummer,,,maybe I’ve reached my peak???

  2. I generally don’t enjoy Starbuck’s coffee, but Iced Sugar Cookie Almond Latte sounds tasty.

    Working out around an injury can be very frustrating. I’m in the midst of long-term rehab from back surgery and it is going so slowly. I want to get stronger and more mobile NOW! It is easy to get too aggressive, especially on “good days” with less pain, resulting in reinjury. The process makes it abundantly clear why the medical profession refers to us as patients because without patience, there will never be healing.

    Gorgeous concept artwork. Thanks for sharing!

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