Fall is upon us!  I celebrated today by painfully donning five layers of clothing (I shit you not) so that I could take the 30 minute walk to physio where I painfully shed the five layers so that they could work on my bad shoulder.  Akemi, of course, accompanied me to ensure my safety.  We then returned home for a seasonal matcha eggnog and pistachio chocolates – as is the tradition.

Brings us to today’s Yes/No…

News of note…


Bless his perfomatively virtuous, short-sighted heart.  Unfortunate for those who actual need energy to survive.  Prices of everything are going to get a might spicy.

Also on the economic front…


Remember – only hedge funds and politicians can trade in suspect equities.

Hey, join the #365DaysOfStartage celebration on twitter.  1 episode a day for 365 days!

Speaking of Stargate…

Okay, off to do an extended deep dive into Artificial Intelligence for my next pilot!

5 thoughts on “November 4, 2021: Fall is Upon Us!

    1. 4 laws, if you include the Zero’th law defined later by R. Daneel Olivaw in one of the later foundation books! ( Spoliers ? )

  1. I miss the days when I could shake off a wrenched muscle in a matter of weeks. I’m still marveling that I can bend my knee; it was out of commission nearly a year after slipping on ice. Hope you can get back soon to hammer throwing, axe tossing and chopping cords of wood, Momoa style.

    I wouldn’t mind rose flavor chipped, I still want to try rose flavored ice cream some day.

  2. Yes, it’s finally Ugg weather here, too. We still have to wear layers because the sun warms us up in the afternoon.

    I’m confused by the net zero. Politicians are trying to do something like that in the U.S.. From what I understand (which is not a lot), it’s going to cost nothing because they are going to shift the taxes to the rich. Oh boy, did they not see the rich are moving to Switzerland like Zuckerberg did to avoid taxes?

    Whenever a politician (of either side) says the middle class will get a tax break, then my family gets screwed.

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