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From the Stargate vault…

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8 thoughts on “October 18, 2021: Twitter Catch-up and Stargate Concept Art!

  1. Regarding Southern slang: Trust me, the Northern-born child of Southerners. You will probably not need or hear any of those so-called Southernisms in most metro areas. 😉

  2. I’ve heard some of the Southern phrases. I don’t think any Southerner hears them all in the wild unless they have a friend who collects them like dad jokes, but then their use will be forced. One person might have a few go to phrases.The pinnacle is to come up with your own on the fly, with a real situation reminding you of someone’s traits.

    Some hillbilly ones I’ve heard in the wild:

    “I swanny.”
    “Don’t know beans from apple butter.”
    “Like a pig in poke.”
    “What in the Sam Hill” as in the article but to explain more that it’s a Flandersian alternative to cussing.

    An adorable one is to jubilantly shout “Well praissse the Lord!” in place of “hello” like anytime you make it three miles down the highway and manage to survive enough to see them is a miracle.

  3. Been following along!

    Incidentally, it seems like it’s taking a long time between the Companion App recording your interview and publishing it (which it hasn’t yet). Do you know if that’s just how it usually is?

      1. “We usually do indeed post the podcast episodes closer to the date they are recorded, it has been an unusual month of content for us with the development of the A.I. table read. I have checked with our editor and we are aiming to release Joe Mallozzi’s interview next week.”

  4. I live in the south and we have a lot of interesting phrases, but all but two of those (looking like who shot John and butter my butt…) are unusual. Don’t expect to hear them.

    I’d pretty much eat pumpkin spiced anything at least once.

    Nice concept artwork! Thanks for posting it.

  5. Maybe this bad shoulder thing happens to everyone with age, so that is how she knew your shoulder would go bad. I’m glad to hear about your shoulder. Umm, er, I mean, now I know I’m in good company. My left shoulder is going bad too. I reach up in the car to pull the seat belt over and can’t do it anymore. I can only pull it about 3 inches then reach over with my right arm and finish pulling the seat belt over in place. My fingers ache, my knees hurt, my back is killing me, my stomach rumbles too much, and my feet complain a lot. See what you have to look forward to…. 🙂

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