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6 thoughts on “October 19, 2021: News, Grubs, and Slew of Stargate Stuff!

  1. Fortunately, I doubt people will be around long enough to witness the death of the sun. Something much quicker like nuclear war with N. Korea will probably be our undoing.

    I have thought for a long time that a piece of space junk is going to severely cripple or even destroy the ISS. You can’t treat the universe like a giant trash can and not expect something terrible as a consequence.

    The worst movie? 1941 was littered with comedy and acting legends. Directed by Spielberg with Oscar nominations, how bad could it be? Awful! I was so bored and rejoiced when it was over.

    No thanks to the crickets unless you add pumpkin pie spice seasoning.

    Mother lode indeed! Thanks so much for taking the time to post the artwork.

  2. Very nice sketches! I’ve always admired people who can create such beautiful art.

    Yes, “Howard the Duck” was bad but what about “Shark Boy Lava Girl”? My son was young when that movie came out and it was tortuous sitting though it.

    I respectfully disagree with comments on the frequency of Southern phrase usage. I hear a few of those all the time in the Memphis/Mississippi/Nashville areas. I use the “Slow as molasses” comment all the time. I’ll add another one that my dad used sometimes to describe me as a teen “You’re as cranky as a sore toed bear.” I believe the actual phrase goes “As cranky as a bear with a sore paw” but his version flowed a bit better.

      1. What is wrong with you two trashing Shark Boy and Lava Girl?! It was GOOD! It was a KIDS movie! What happened to your imagination and sense of adventure? You grumpy OLD people!! I’m going to go kick a can down the street now. Bullies!

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