4 thoughts on “October 17, 2021: Suji Sunday!

  1. Lovely Suji.

    She never fails to make me “awwwww” or “sweeeet peaaaaa!” with every pic.

    Love that girl.

  2. “Out and About with Dad II: The Quickening”. Lol. I remember when those movies first came out. And the live-action series, and the cartoon series set in the future.

    After seeing it mentioned on your Twitter, I tuned into and participated in Orville Nation’s Day One of Dark Matter Week (now changed to Month) podcast in its last quarter, and at one point the hosts (Orville Nation, Adega, etc.) were talking about whether the pitch had been sent off yet and saying that Netflix would probably snatch it up right away because the future of streaming is going to depend on competitive content lots of people will be interested in.

  3. Suji landed on her feet when both of you adopted her. How old is she now?

    Did you continue the Bday celebration? Any interesting food porn?

    We had lunch with one of hubby’s co-workers Saturday. After that, I slept most of the weekend. Naps are nice.

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