Woke up this morning to discover my laptop wouldn’t charge despite repeated efforts to power it.  I was concerned it was an issue with the fairly new MacBook Pro I purchased in February but, after some back and forth with Apple chat support, the culprit would appear to be the fairly new power cord that came with the MacBook Pro I purchased in February.  Fortunately, I was able to use Akemi’s power cord – surprisingly since it seems that every iteration of of the MacBook comes with its own unique port to discourage this sort of thing.  The day was saved and I was able to complete a pass on the pitch deck for that untitled sci-fi adventure series with copious amounts of humor.  I did, however, waste almost an hour of my afternoon trying to come up with a good title.  The obvious ones have been taken, leaving me with a bunch of obvious lesser lame titles…several of which have also been taken.  I almost want to do what I did on Dark Matter – essentially shirk my duties as a scriptwriter by foisting the task on my followers by having them come up with a title.  The only thing stopping me is the fact that this project is, at present, super secret.  But don’t let that stop you.  If you’ve got an amazing title for a t.v. show, let’s hear it!


Someone had an upset stomach and has had to forego her usual freeze-dried duck stew in favor of plain rice and chicken.  But, in all fairness, she’ll pretty much eat anything.

Speak of which…Yes/No?

21 thoughts on “October 14, 2021: Power Issues!

  1. Unnamed Sci-fi show title while waiting for a better one: “Watch This Space!”

  2. I’m glad the Mac problem was solved with only a little trouble. My hubby’s Mac did something similar and changing cables didn’t work. He had to reset the system control manager (?). That took an hour of research and freaking out. A replacement work Mac would take a while to order/arrive. Thank goodness the reset worked!

    An unknown episode title? “Unusual Suspects”

  3. I’ve had a couple instances in corporate life where I was using words with stealthy snark and the evil culture I was mocking embraced the terms and ran with them like they were a rallying cry for the warped values I was calling out. I’ve become hesitant with the simple power of naming things as a result.

  4. Okay, first of all, we would be more than happy to help you Joe by suggesting an awesome title for your yet untitled sci-fi adventure series. I know it’s super secret, but could you at least throw out maybe 3 words to stimulate our imaginations?

    Secondly, I think your weather forecasting interpretation is correct. For example, today, at my house, the forecast called for a 40% chance of rain. At my house I did not stand a chance in hell of seeing any rain at all. The rain system was all to the east, and southeast of me today. But it did cover about 40% of the area, just not my specific area.

    Thirdly, I hope sweetie SujiQ gets to feeling better. (She should have been my “first”)

    Fourthly, why would they want to put coffee creamer into Rice Krispies?? Coffee creamer is on the “don’t consume this crap” list anyway. Why do they want to mess with a good thing?

    And, last of all, @ Tam Dixon, my brother was claiming immunity before he got covid19 in February. So that excuse don’t work. Why does he not want to get the vaccine? Because he is stupid. That’s why! His incentives now are… get fired if you don’t get the shot, cannot collect unemployment if you get fired for not getting the shot, can’t get another good job because all major employers are requiring you get the shot too, and if he gets sick, insurance will no longer cover covid19 illness if you are unvaccinated. That would be enough incentive for me.

    Ok now I’m in a bad mood.

  5. I’ll try to trigger you to brainstorm your title.

    How many words do you want in the title?
    How many K’s do you want in the title?
    Are there any cool place names in the series? I like “Far Vancouver”, I think the Foundation books used that “Far Place” format once or twice. “Lone” is a nice word, sounds a little musical.
    How subversive should the title sound? Basic push-back against conformity? Criminal? Dissident speaking in seemingly innocuous code?
    What color is space? If that color were a verb, what would it be?
    Think of a technology in your series but don’t say it out loud. Is it ubiquitous, rare, cutting edge, a remnant of a more prosperous time? Tell me what that technology is without telling me what that technology is.
    What do you think of property rights in the future? First flag gets it? First trillionaire? Whoever can defend it? King of the Hill?
    How do you feel about alliteration?
    What image, action, place should I picture every time I see your title?
    In the most inhospitable setting of your series, what does the air feel like? Where would I rather be?
    Should the title convey interpersonal drama or society-wide strife or be a cool allusion to both?
    “Bebop” is taken. What else is left?
    Look over someone’s musical playlist just enough to get a bunch of songs in your head at the same time. Worth a try.

  6. My contribution to your title search…

    Helmet On
    Zero Hour
    Across The Universe
    A Million Suns
    Bad Moon
    Light Years
    Coming Through In Waves

  7. Comedic Science fiction adventure show title to use as a placeholder for series pitch?

    —-> “Miscellaneous Space”.

    Or how ’bouts a fun boozy place holder title ??

    Pick your poison:

    “Martian Martinis”? or “Quantum Mezcal”? 😀 😀 😀

  8. I found a title generator, as you do.. and it came up with Binery Light.. which sounds interesting and could be funny too..

    These days I keep away from flavoured creamers in favour of flavoursome coffee with actual cream..

  9. Yeah, I’ve already had to buy a new cable. Apple cables are made with eco-minded materials.. .. Which wear out WAY too easily. It’s all the plugging and unplugging and twisting around that does it.

    My MacBook sits on the floor, rested against my bedside cabinet, with the cable plugging in at the “top”. It’s handy there, for late night “ooh, an idea!” scribbles, but the way it’s positioned means that every night the cable gets twisted around and around and around!
    It didn’t last.
    I bought one of those braided cables (Anker branded in the UK, no idea if that brand exists over there) and it’s been perfectly fine for the past few months.
    (Though, goodness knows what’s going on under the braiding!!)

  10. Since it’s super secret, I’d say any information is on a Need to Know or Eyes Only basis. I’d Have to Kill You was also a thought.

    The Rice Krispie flavored creamer is an intriguing idea. However I think I’ll pass, keep my coffee black like the gods intended, and just eat a Rice Krispie treat instead.

  11. Title, and I hope no one’s already posted it, as it’s SO obvious:
    “Light Antimatter”

    1. Please forgive me, but here’s another title candidate.
      “Destination: Procra Station”

      There’s a story behind it, if you’re interested.

  12. I’ve got two more titles for you but I have to explain the origins. The first one is from Bill Paxton. I was a fan but when I saw him on “Who do you think you are?” it made me like him as a person. One of his ancestors from the civil war donated his battle sword to a museum. On the description his ancestor listed this sword as “Accidently Acquired”. I love that! It made Bill laugh, too. “Accidently Acquired”

    The other one is from a song. A haunting melody from “Hoodwinked” called “Red is Blue”. If you’ve never seen “Hoodwinked”, give it a try. It’s no “Incredibles” but it’s cute.

  13. Unfortunately, if I came up with a really good name for a scifi series, I would have to keep it mum so I could use it in my own work later.

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