This video effectively sums up the current state of the stock market…

Reminds me of this…

Also reminiscent of…

And then there’s this nonsense…

I like the sound of Dark Trojan Asteroids…

Reports of empty shelves cropping up everywhere….

How’s the situation in your area?  Akemi and I have definitely noticed a notable drop in quantity and selection since last year, and it would appear to be getting worse.

Today’s Yes/No…

8 thoughts on “October 15, 2021: News of Note heading into the weekend!

  1. The dark Trojan asteroids are super interesting because they could be made of the same stuff as what made up the very early planets of the solar system. Kind of like the basic ingredients of what made up the Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes!

    1. Oh, meant to add that the shelves here are all fully stocked! A veritable cornucopia of food stuffs!

  2. While walking through a mega sized grocery store I said to my wife that this can’t last you know. She asked what I was talking about and I said I’m talking about all this food fillng the shelves. She thought I was just talking crazy but only a few weeks later the pandemic hit. I said I didn’t know when I said that it would be so soon. I thought it would be many years in the future. What a crazy prediction.

  3. I hate liars. They seem to be everywhere these days.

    I noticed some empty spots on the grocery shelves in Walmart when I was last there 3 weeks ago. I’m going to Kroger this next week and see what they got. I feel compelled to stock up on toilet paper again. News is saying there will be a shortage this fall. I’ll just pick some up every time I go until I get a comfortable stash…. 100 rolls 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday! 🎁 Do you get a birthday month, like Akemi? 😉 Any plans today? I hope you have a blast!

    Good points on those links you posted. It’s difficult to know what/who to trust. Also, gold leaf doesn’t have a flavor, does it?

    As for shortages, our local grocery stores have plenty of fresh fruit and veggies. Our shortages seem to be in the freezer, fresh meat and drink sections. Plus, we have Lucy (our cat) on a grain free diet and her canned food is becoming a bit harder to find. 🙁

    I’ve been hearing people complain about the appliance and processer chip shortages more than food. Used cars are becoming very expensive, major appliances and computers take around 8 weeks to arrive. That’s why my hubby was so upset with his Mac having issues. A new Mac wouldn’t come in until December (last count).

    Just an FYI, if you have something similar happen to your computer, on hubby’s Mac, he had to reset (find the exact 7 keystrokes for that make/model) the system control manager. A simple restart did nothing. The entire usb platform wouldn’t work (power, monitors, and headphones). So, all the time he spent trying to restart/reset was wearing down the battery. 7

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