First draft of the Promise of Blood pilot going out tonight!

Some news of note.  Well, this is ominous…

And this…

Deepfake Technology’s Potential to Change Media and Disrupt Society

Also this…

China has won AI battle with U.S., Pentagon’s ex-software chief says.

Today’s Yes/No…

I don’t know.   Not particularly delicious-looking.


5 thoughts on “October 11, 2021: News of Note!

  1. The raindrop cake does not appear to be cake at all, or even trying. Also, it looks like the dead jellyfish that wash up on the beaches late in the season in PEI.

  2. I’ll let Singapore smooth out those kinks first. 😉

    The animal world has many parallels.

    I’ve heard more from Narelle, she’s moving to: It’s in Darwin opposite Charles Darwin National Park so there could be a very different range of birds! I asked about the birds. In her old place, she had wild parrots come up to her house. Can you imagine?

    I’d love to relocate to Oz, once everything gets on an even keel. Alas, Florida will be have to be closest I get for beach living. One day, one day…..

  3. Oh, here’s an amusing story. My hubby, an ex-Microsoft employee showed me how to do a short cut on the windows keyboard. I posted it on twitter (press windows key at the same time as you press the period key and it brings up a selection of emoticons) and a Microsoft engineer liked the tweet. Suddenly, the official Windows twitter account posted the same thing! Coincidence? I had a laugh and told hubby that he’s still teaching his old company a thing or two. 😉

  4. Oh and Congratulations on First draft of the Promise of Blood pilot going out tonight!

  5. If that robot fetches by groceries while shouting about litter then I’m all for it. Who doesn’t love wet cake? I found another version of birthday cake flavored popcorn and had to order it, brings back memories of sharing caramel popcorn with my sibs which was cheap and came in large portions making it the most shareable treat at the corner shop. I’m intrigued by that cover, going to check out the books.

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