3 thoughts on “October 10, 2021: Suji Sunday!

  1. The many moods of Suji! .❤

    Our weekend went well. We tried a new Soul Food Restaurant and it was very tasty. The boys had fried catfish, fried chicken, and chicken with dressing. I had veggie beef soup and would order that again. The menu was a real carnivore lovers selection and soup was the most veggie dish on it. 😉 They forgot my peach cobbler, though. 🙁

    FYI, I received a tweet from the absent but much missed, Narelle. I sent her a tweet ages ago, when I saw some of the video coming out from Oz. You can’t really tell how bad/good things are from the news. Here it is: We’ve been in lockdown for 245+ days so it’s hard to say. Our vaccination rates are climbing and getting out is now on the horizon. Have a good job, roof over my head so I think it’s some of the real basics to be grateful for. Lost a few close to me though. That’s been tough. . She also said that she’s bought a new house and she’s moving soon. Sounds like the new house is out of Melbourne but there’s only so much info you can put in a tweet.

  2. Suji is a DOLL!! Even her dinner up there looks like an expensive meal prepared by a famous chef. Are any of these pictures recent? Because she looks fantastic. Not looking older at all.

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