With the first draft of Promise of Blood under my belt, I switch gears to another project – a detailed pitch for a fun genre series.  Contacted the production company this morning and told them I’d be sending the document their way by week’s end after which we can hop on a zoom and discuss.  Between then and now, I have just one thing to do – come up with a title for the show.

I hate coming up with titles.

Sadly, it’s a “pass for now” on the reimagining of that classic sci-fi series.  Apparently, Hollywood is shying away from this sort of high concept SF approach.  They’re wrong of course but, alas, they’re the buyers.  The moon will remain safely in Earth’s orbit for the foreseeable future.

Honestly kind of mystified that we didn’t receive any bites on TimEscape as it is, tonally, the perfect sci-fi series for the times.  Not sure what my next step will be.  Have considered the comics route, but I’m not convinced that’s the way to go.  May simply make the pitch deck and two first episode scripts public.

The pitch package for Fronted, my sci-fi Kpop series, went out last week and we await feedback ahead of the polish on the pilot.  Hopeful that the success of productions like Alice in Borderland and Squid Game will offer tailwinds for a possible pick-up.

Finally, I really should do a rewrite on an existing pilot that has garnered some interest, but not feeling particularly motivated.  The time I have spent on my uranium stocks have yielded much more positive results so, for now, I think I’ll stick with that.

Today’s Yes/No…

Finally, I leave you with this…

11 thoughts on “October 12, 2021: Projects Update!

  1. Oh, THAT classic SciFi series! 🌕

    Joe said: “ Between then and now, I have just one thing to do – come up with a title for the show.

    I hate coming up with titles.”

    You have my email, Joe, and you know I can 🤐. I look forward to the challenge. 😉

  2. Space: 1999 made cosmologists wince. It does need a revamp. Someone needs to write a sci-fi about how aliens HELP instead of invade Earth and are thwarted by bad humans. It’s much more plausible than the endless invasion stories since the 1950’s even though many were fun. As far as uranium goes, that, iridium and potable water are good investments. Clean water is going to be hard to come by & therefore a good thing to invest in, perhaps even in desalinization technology etc. I hope all your projects bear fruit.

  3. It must be terribly frustrating to turn out a steady stream of solid work that never makes it to production. I wish I owned a production company because I would gladly keep you busy while I enjoyed the fruits of your labors.

    The burger looks amazing! I’d order one in a restaurant, but that is entirely too much work to make at home.

    Your argument advice rings true and is something I was taught early in my career. That and examine all sides because a statue looks entirely different when viewed from behind.

  4. Hmmm……I might have done a Fan-Fiction re-imaging of that Classic Sci-Fi show as well. I heard the star of the original was kind of a handful. (Behind the scenes.) So I replaced that person with Scarlett Johansson. I know, I know, Disney lawsuit, blah, blah, blah. But based on interviews I’ve seen with her, she is actually a really nice and reserved person when you actually meet her.

    Interesting detail, Ronald D. Moore of Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek frame also wanted to reboot that show, but couldn’t figure out how. So maybe you could get him aboard…. (I got this from a YouTube video done by none other then Jamie A. himself.)

  5. “The moon will remain safely in Earth’s orbit for the foreseeable future.”

    Oooohhh! Thanks! I know what it is now! Bummer! A remake would have been cool!

    Have you considered the Podcast route for “TimEscape”? There’s a lot of great audio dramas being produced at the moment. Cheaper than TV but I have no idea how these things are funded. And I imagine writing for audio is a different skill to writing for visual.

    I finished “Squid Game” the other day. I picked the two twisted by around episode 6 thanks to you giving me the heads up that there were two twists. Otherwise I would have only guessed one. I’m not a K-Pop fan but hopefully Hollywood is trying to snap up every Korean IP it can get its hands on and you’ll get some interest!

  6. While we’d love to read the scripts for TimEscape, going the comics route might allow it to go on for longer.

  7. I’m telling you Joe, just add “NCIS:” before all of the shows you are working on and maybe it will sell faster. NCIS: TimEscape. Seeeee, much better now. NCIS: Kpop Sci-Fi. Or, you might try FBI: TimEscape. FBI: Kpop Team. Oh hey, CSI:! Don’t forget them too!

  8. PS: Tonight was FBI: night on CBS.
    FBI: International
    FBI: Most Wanted

    By the way… @Tam Dixon, my brother still has not gotten the vaccine. His Airline has a November deadline (I think), but he is hoping the arguing about vaccine mandates from his Union and Gov. Abbott he will not have to get it.
    He is a twit!

  9. For titles, can’t you think of a system or a theme, so to speak? We’ll help ya! Also, that’s a great “problem” to have.

    Are you saying network executives aren’t correct on what their viewers want? 😮🤨🙄🤣

    Uranium stocks? What languages did you say you’re learning? 😉

  10. I sure like the sound of fun genre series and am saddened to hear that TimEscape hasn’t garnered any activity.

  11. Please pitch any show you have to Legion M. If you need the number, Dean Devlin has it. If ya’ll aren’t on speaking terms or other issues there, I’d be glad to do what I can to get the attention of Jeff and Paul.

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