Answers to yesterday’s Akemi-isms quiz…

Came across this thread today that neatly encapsulates why I can’t read pitches or scripts…

Hit the 50 page mark on the Promise of Blood pilot and it’s become very evident that I’m going to be long.  I won’t deliver a script over 60 pages, so I’ll just push through this first draft, then take a couple of days to review and trim.   A LOT happens in this first episode.

The Fronted pitch deck is DONE and heading out.  Will talk to the gang about possibly revealing a few of Henry Fong’s amazing illustrations.

A pass on the Dark Matter miniseries from one of the bigger, more obvious homes.  Disappointed but undaunted.  On we go.


Today’s Yes/No….


8 thoughts on “October 5, 2021: Tuesday Edition!

  1. Well, it’s an automatic no on those chips because of the oysters. I bet that it’s a snack like no other, though.

    Akemi’s turns-of-phrase all make perfect sense, and I may adopt some of them myself!

  2. Now who the heck wants a trillion dollar platinum coin. Because of counterfeiting, they barely want to take a twenty dollar bill any more.

  3. I need to know if we should bother continuing to petition Netflix with their title request form.

      1. I take it you mean “no, we shouldn’t bother” and not “no, it wasn’t Netflix who bowed out”. So they did pass on it?

      2. If they did pass on it, I wonder if the people who do that and the people who receive the title requests from the form don’t actually communicate with each other. Perhaps you could ask the former to talk to the latter and tell them about the well-over-a-dozen people who’ve told me they’ve submitted the form after I linked to it (and doubtless more who did it without saying).

  4. When you explain what the Akemi-isms are in reference to, it makes perfect sense!

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