How many can you guess out of 10?

My phone died today and it’s not recharging.  Outside of the fact that I can’t listen to podcasts while I work out, I’m not all that bothered.  I feel Apple products are a little on the…how do you say…garbagey side?

I mean, who puts chicken in their lasagna?

I’m 45 pages into the Promise of Blood pilot and deep into Act IV.  My favorite kind of storytelling – colorful characters, a compelling story, and lots of moving parts.  Author Brian McClellan has created an absolutely brilliant world and I cannot wait to see it onscreen.

Did my final review of the pitch deck for Fronted.  One final tweak and it’s good to go.  Seoul-bound, baby!

8 thoughts on “October 4, 2021: Take the Akemi-isms Quiz!

  1. Is it possible that that second tweet is related to you tweeting that first tweet? Hmmm. The only one I can think of is that if it was “Bricklin Style”, it would mean an apparently wonderful idea that turns into an expensive, tax-payer funded disaster within a year or two.

    I’ve had number of Apple products over the years and haven’t had a problem with any of them. Quite the contrary, my 2009 MacBook that I sold to a friend is still going strong on the original battery. I once dropped that same laptop on the floor of a cabin I was staying and it flipped end-over-end, ricocheted off a cast iron wood stove and then hit a wall. Not a hint of damage. And my 2012 27” Mac is still working perfect after all these years.

    If you’re having that much garlic at once, I’ll make to stay away for at least a couple of weeks, LOL!

  2. Chicken in lasagna? Mix it with a little bacon, chopped real fine,,,voila…

  3. I’m sorry but without context all of those Akemi-isms are a mystery. 😉

    Yes, Apple isn’t the best but if you have Applecare, won’t that replace the phone?

    Yes, to the garlic and yes to chicken. Have you ever tried seafood lasagna? Love that stuff!

    “Seoul-bound, baby!” Virtually?

  4. Glad to hear you’re making progress on PM, Joe. I remember reading an entry about you and Mr JB recently having a lunch or dinner meeting with a couple of actors to potentially cast.
    Have you guys already found a broadcaster home for it ??
    Sorry you had to experience waking up to the unnerving sound of Akemi sharpening her knives.
    Albeit, I guess that’s what you get for not discarding those old hot sauce bottles that you should have gotten rid of when she first complained two+ years ago, eh?!

    Carb and Sujiastic = Suji getting enthusiastic about a possible treat???
    Flateau = As good as it gets. Incapable of further vertical ascent after achieving a certain level/height.
    or it could be Akemi’s way of describing falling flat on ones face.
    Brinkle = No real clue. Albeit if you google it you can read all about it being a family name
    and discover the word’s origin means fugitive or criminal.
    Bricklyn Style = Hmmmm. This could possibly refer to a small/cramped sports car Or the New York gangster style art and sport of settling a dispute via dropping a brick on an opponents head from an upper floor of a high rise building. Or it could be the nickname of a rapper’s fashion style ??
    The margins = an aside topic.

  5. @Tam That’s excellent news about Charlie being disease free. And very relieved to hear your friend Dana is improving. She sounds like quite the lively woman. Apologies my scatter brain got your relationship with her confused. I must have been reading something about a hubby’s coworker getting sick just prior to catching up on reading the blog entries. Also, nice that you had a decent weekend. Mine wasn’t too bad either. Although i haven’t had much energy this year for celebrating my rapidly approaching October 6th birthday, my closest local friend Don and I, who i’ve celebrated the day and usually the whole week with, for the last few years, found a small local NY style italian eatery on Sunday where they were serving up toasted almond cake. It’s been forever since i’ve had the privilege of indulging in this delicious desert so he decided to treat me to as much. While we were at this little mom and pop joint, I recognized the older woman sitting at the table across from ours as a neighbor residing several doors up from my current residence. So, I introduced myself. As we got to chatting she told us this was the her first time getting out to a restaurant since she broke her hip 5 months ago. She explained even getting into her car and driving the short distance to this restaurant and making the short walk to the restaurants front door was still a very slow extremely painful chore. Then she asked if i knew anyone in our neighborhood who might be willing to adopt her long time beloved 4 legged companion because she no longer had the leg strength to take him on his daily walks and couldnt afford to pay a dog walker. My heart broke as she told me they’d been together for 10 years and, after her husband passed away a couple years ago, her only constant companion. Long story- short …
    I finally found an opportunity to pay forward all the kindness and generosity you guys have shown me over the last several months to help me get through this extremely difficult time in my life. When I told her I’d be more than happy to stop by her place to take her puppers for a walk once in the morning and once each evening, so she need not worry about having to send him away to live elsewhere, tears began streaming down her face. It’s been wonderful emotional therapy these last couple days getting to spend more time around a fur baby so I’m pretty sure I’m getting more out of this deal than she or her puppers, Ralphie, is.

  6. Hold on, I got this…

    Carb and Sujiastic = Bread and noodles
    Flateau = An efficient word for you hit a plateau and flatten out
    The margins = Different types of butter
    Dennit = A car with a dent in it
    Porkupintus = If you eat too much then you throw up
    Brinkle = Sprinkle some Brick cheese
    Bricklyn Style = Like seen in Brooklyn NY
    Hinch = Crick in neck
    Melancholy Syndrom = Depressed
    Rock Work = Hitting a dead end in your writing

  7. Hey Joe, are you giving the titles to your projects now or have I missed some posts! NO to the chicken lasagne .. garlic OK but I don’t do chicken, it’s fowl.

    I could only get a couple of the Akemi-isms without going back over the blog!

    Try a One+ phone ,on Android!

  8. Someone in my house is obsessed with blades. Try having someone with a vice in their room for sharpening machetes.

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