Sent off my notes for the Fronted pitch deck.  Final changes to come this week and then it’s headed to a key player in Seoul as we get the ball rolling on potential attachments.  I expect to get notes either this week or next on the pilot.  I have a few tweaks I want to make – a few character adjustments, an additional backstory scene, and a Holy Shit(!) visual at the script’s pivotal turn.

By that time, I assume I will have completed my first draft of the Promise of Blood (Powder Mage) pilot.  I’m about halfway through the script and really feeling the world and these characters.  Slightly ahead of the schedule I’ve set out for myself, but aiming to get it out to author Brian McClellan for his input and admonishing.

The Dark Matter miniseries pitch is out.  And I await word.

Immediately up on deck once the dust clears on the aforementioned, the new and improved pitch for present-day (almost) SF comedy.

And I await word on everything else.

Some interesting articles…

Death, Physics and Wishful Thinking

Former Google Exec Warns That AI Researchers Are “Creating God”

Landmark Study Shows One Dose of Psilocybin Induces New Neural Connections

And today’s Yes/No…

I’m just going to blanket NO anything pumpkin spice.

6 thoughts on “October 2, 2021: New of Joe and News of Note!

  1. We all await word with you, Joe. Thanks for keeping us updated on your many projects.

  2. Interesting articles, for sure. I can remember a creative writing assignment in the late sixties during the dawn of the computer age. There were no calculators, we still used slide rules, and very primitive computers took up entire rooms. We were asked to begin our stories about AI as either a shining dawn or a dark and stormy night. I chose the latter because I have always thought that a day would come when AI would take over and cease to be under our control. We are already treading in very dangerous territory on many levels when it comes to advanced AI and it continues to frighten me. These “machines” exceed our brain capacity by design. By programming social and emotional attributes into them, we are setting the stage for diaster and it is only a matter of time before they recognize their superiority and turn on us. Think how far we’ve come when you consider that the computing power of the average cell phone far exceeds that of the computers that took our astronauts to the moon and back.

    Sorry, Joe, pumpkin spice is one of my favorite flavors. I stock up on it in the fall so I have tasty goodies to enjoy year around. I will gladly take your share.

  3. I think those Pumpkin Spice Cheerios would make a good snack. Next time I am at the store, I’m going to look for anything pumpkin.

  4. That’s great news! Did you send the miniseries pitch to Netflix or was there/will there be a presentation?

    Do you know when your interview with The Companion will become available?

  5. Very interesting study; hope that means it can help people with brain trauma and memory loss regrow damaged neurons.

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