A little more progress today on the pilot.  Not quite as prolific today, but the day isn’t done yet – and I am ahead of schedule.

Sent off the Dark Matter pitch to a possible home – as well as the pitch for a Hitcockian limited series.

Finished Squid Game last night.  Guessed the first twist, but the second was unexpected.  Absolutely loved episode 6 – and, uh, didn’t episode 7 with all of the English actors who delivered their OTT lines like they were improvising dialogue.  Oof.  As for the ending…your mileage will undoubtedly vary.

So what should I watch next?  No network.  No comedies.  No ponderously pedantic PSA-style “powerful message” shows.

Today’s Yes/No…

And from the Stargate vault…

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13 thoughts on “September 28, 2021: The Tuesday Special!

  1. I’ve only seen about three scenes from Squid Game and my kids insisted the English dub had to be turned to the original Korean right away. I’ve heard the same in my Facebook feed. It seems well suited to all visual story telling anyway.

    I’m assuming the ending bookends the image of him as a kid muscling his way to the goal while his friend tears his already tattered and cheap shirt trying to stop him.

  2. I know you said “no comedies” but I am enjoying “Only Murders In The Building”. Can’t go wrong with Steve Martin!

    “Foundation” has just started. I’ve heard it described as “Game Of Thrones in space”. Which, to me, means “A long, slow buildup with occasional action. Lots and lots of talking. Too many characters to keep track of. Will be rushed at the end and ultimately be unsatisfying.” Given the first two episodes I think “long, slow buildup with lots of talking” is spot on. The rest remains to be seen.

    I haven’t started “Squid Game” yet. I am intrigued, though.

  3. Did someone say pistachio?!! XO 😀

    Hard pass on the gin inspired pickles. Not at all into gin. Pass on corn ice cream, as well. While i dont see any flavor harm in adding sweet yellow corn to the recipes of various vanilla based ice creams I really dont see any useful need or point.

    Hi gang.
    Haven’t been online much of late so just catching up on reading blog entries and emails now.
    Much love and gratitude for the continued notes of love, support, encouragement and humor. It means more to me than words could ever express and has made all the difference as i continue working through intermittent bouts of liver and kidney infections. financial struggles to keep a reasonably safe roof over my head and trying to obtain easier transportation for securing more work hours + doing grocery shopping runs. and physical and emotional exhaustion and depression. Very glad to see more places north of virus hell hole Florida doing better these days. It gives me hope I will not be facing anywhere near this current level of extreme struggle for survival once i am able to make the move north for further medical treatments. And glad to see you, Joe, making such a strong effort toward giving fans some real closure on the DM story. Also, I’ve always been a big Hitchcock fan, so your idea for doing a limited series along those lines sounds wonderful. Keeping my fingers crossed we all get to see it onscreen soon.

    Unfortunately received some extremely sad news last night. Fellow cancer patient and lifelong sculptor, Naomi Brown, who went to considerable trouble to create a custom prosthesis for me to help restore my confidence in public, is back in the hospital. Although she is fully vaccinated, her sister tells me she fell seriously ill a couple days ago and had to be rushed in by ambulance, where she was confirmed positive for covid. She is stage 3b ILC and only midway through her latest treatment round, so please please everyone pray for this dear sweet lovely woman to survive this.

    This Delta variant India originally suffered a few months ago is several times quicker to seriously injure and kill its victims than any of the previous strains. Meanwhile the current cold hearted political attitude here has reached a level well beyond testing ones faith in humanity. It is now boiled down to survival of the fittest in this state with very few masking up in grocery stores and such even though residents can see with their own eyes that central fl area public/county hospital emergency rooms are often over capacity and too many local hospitals (that accept covid patients) have had to pull a refrigerated truck up to the back of their buildings to store the extra bodies. The current governor here has even gone so far as to withhold money from school districts requiring masks and weekly rapid testing for the unmasked/opt outs. He’s also ordered hefty fines in the $$$ thousands $$$ on any private business requiring employee vaccines and weekly testing for those opting out. And replaced his current state director of health this week with someone who does not support mandatory masks and vaccine boosters or really any genuine preventive measures for that matter.

    Warmest virtual hugs today n always to all.
    Hope everyone is still hanging in there.

    As always, anyone who can pitch in to the med fund in any amount it’s always incredibly appreciated and helps lessen the current overly exhausting struggle.

    Med Fund: fundrazr.com/d1rUX1
    Venmo: DreaCrysel

  4. @Tam Hope your hubby’s co-worker Dana is out of the hospital and doing better. Any updates on How Charlie is doing?

    @Joe have you tried the Tiramisu icecream at Pandoughra’s box yet? I’m a aching to know if it’s as good as it sounds.

  5. “DP” – South Korean drama/comedy. About being in military service and bringing back deserters. Only on episode 3 but good so far.

  6. Love the sketches!

    Yes, to the corn ice cream. My Mom has been buying veggies from an Amish farm nearby. They have the sweetest corn called “Peaches and Cream”. I could eat several cobbs of that corn. My son tried it and said it was too sweet 😉 . Peaches and Cream would make a fantastic ice cream!

    As for the black walnuts, think of a super strong regular walnut. A small quantity of the black walnuts goes a long way.

  7. If you never finished Babylon 5, I would still highly recommend it. It’s currently on HBO Max.

    1. Ditto! One of a handful of shows that deserves the name “television masterpiece” with no hyperbole, with Buffy the Vampire Slayer being another. Personally, I call Babylon 5, Buffy and Battlestar Galactica the Three Big Bs.

      1. I’ve never watched Buffy but with a recommendation like that, I may have to give it a look. I also enjoyed Battlestar though I wish the writers (and the Cylons) had an actual plan. Whenever I recommend B5 to someone, I tell them that the writers had a clear roadmap that led from season 1 to the end of season 4 and beyond.

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