I find I get more done when I have other things to do.  Chiefly, this pilot I’m writing.  I completed the teaser and first act today – two days ahead of schedule – but also find time to have some early discussions on the Dark Matter miniseries, completed a pass on the SF/K-pop series and sent it – and the artwork – to our pitch designer, and have started fleshing out the pitch for another project.  Also, read two volumes of the Tokyo Revengers manga (as the anime has left me hanging) and am about halfway through Squid Game (I think I’ve already guessed the twist, but it’s very enjoyable nevertheless).

Img_1220 Img_1222

Latest farmers market haul.  We picked up the delicious honey from a woman who was selling it off her front porch.  Her son owns a honey farm (You can follow him @beemansmash on Instagram).


Tasty sandos (kastu, tori-niku, and ebi) compliments of our friends Emily and Kevin (and @imanishisandobar on IG)


Akemi made pistachio cookies!


Saburomary 0 The Fool Heavily Peated compliments of Dr. Blackjack.


I need this cup.

Finally, I leave you with today’s Yes/No…

8 thoughts on “September 27, 2021: Chugging along…

  1. Why are the 2 Scotch Bonnet ground chillis’ different colours.. one red one yellow? I guess it’s the stage the peppers were dried / ground?

    I like the whiskey!!! I’d avoid the Gin!

  2. Busy, busy I guess! I’m like that and once I get started, I’m unstoppable.

    Nice haul!

    No to the gin, as I’m allergic to pine nuts and gin is juniper juice. It’s not worth an asthma attack.

  3. Hiding your gin in a batch of cold pack pickles. Genius. Are alcohol taxes that high in Canada or is this meant to run the Covid blockade as relief for the prison island of Australia? Oh. No. Pickled cucumbers. Those must be fancier than pickles.

  4. How were the cookies? I like pistachios but I don’t see them used much in this region. It’s mainly walnuts, almonds, peanuts or pecans used here.

    Have you ever tried black walnuts? They have a strong flavor. My dad used to collect them around our house (we had a tree). Black walnuts have a tough outer coating and a shell. He used to cover our driveway with walnuts and when they were driven over enough, we’d have walnuts to eat. It made a huge mess (they have a black dye type substance) and my mom would complain. We lived in the woods, so no one else cared. “Tales from the country” 😉

    Love the farmer’s market treasures. The cup and pot are very cute. A new gift from Japan?

    I love pickles, so I’d give the gin version a go.

    I’m not sure how you manage to fit so much into your schedule but I’m impressed!

    1. The cookies were delicious. I don’t think I’ve tried black walnuts.

  5. I will not eat cucumbers. Just one little thin slice and I’m burping cucumbers for a week.

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