A few that caught my eye this week…


Inferno #1 – cover art by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau


Inferno #1 – cover art by Jeff Dekal


Inferno #1 – cover art by Oscar Vega


Non-Stop Spider-Man #5 – cover art by Kael Ngu


The Amazing Spider-Man #74 – cover art by Sarah Pichelli


Vengeance of Vampirella #22 – cover art by Ben Oliver


Action Comics #1035 – cover art by Daniel Sampere


Deathstroke Inc. #1 – cover art by Francesco Mattina


Detective Comics #1043 – cover art by Lee Bermejo


Wonder Woman: Black and Gold #4 – cover art by Tula Lotay


Suicide Jockeys #2 – cover art by Fabio Alves


To Your Eternity, vol. 15 – cover art by Yoshitoki Oima


Turbo Kid: Apple’s Lost Adventure #1 – cover art by Alberto Massaggia


Night of the Cadillacs #1 – cover art by Rob Prior

So, which were YOUR faves?

4 thoughts on “September 29, 2021: Amazing Covers!

  1. Those covers are amazing! I can’t pick just one. My first vote goes to Inferno #1 – cover art by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau. My second choice is Inferno #1 – cover art by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau. Have you read all these comics? Any chance Akemi could share her pistachio cookie recipe?

    Drea: I hope your friend, Naomi Brown is hanging in there. I’ve had several friends receive Regeneron and recover completely. 🙏

    As for Dana, she’s a friend from my Karate class. Dana in her 70’s but is a dynamo. She’s still in the hospital. Dana had an allergic reaction to a drug they gave her and has esophageal swelling. They are feeding her via feeding tube until the swelling subsides. 🙁 She’s recovering but slowly. Dana is such a kick ass. She can disarm an armed attacker with a smile on her face. I want to be her when I grow up. I’ve never met a 70+ yr old lady that could do all she did. I’m really praying that she can get back to what she once was.

    As for Charlie, he’s finished his chemo and his last scans show no indication of disease! Charlie is getting PT for his shoulder now. The docs had to remove part of the bone, so it’s been a painful process.

    Charlie did give everyone a scare a couple of weeks after his chemo finished. He tested positive for Covid. The docs weren’t very worried. I can only guess that they knew his blood counts were high enough to fight off the virus. Anyway, he ran a fever for a few days and was fine. Thank God!

    To everyone’s surprise, Charlie’s hair is growing back blonde (he was a dark brown). I told him that it must be his dad’s Aussie heritage. 😉 Charlie’s just glad to have hair again. The stares and rude comments were hurting his feelings. People can be crappy. You would assume that it was just kids that made comments but no, adults did too.

    I hope everyone has a good day!

  2. Black walnut trees were so ubiquitous where I grew up, like blackberries, it never occurred to me anyone didn’t have them. I think the only alternative is English walnuts, the kind with the smooth shell. I’m betting you’ve had black walnuts in recipes like ice cream. Ditto on Tam’s experience of people using their driveways for blackberry shelling. It only gets the outer skins off, you still have to crack them.

    My grandma told me of a family near her birthplace in Appalachia that just cracked walnuts all year. It was their only job other than their land being about subsistence farming. They’d trade the walnuts at the store for coffee or sugar or whatever.

    Anytime we had the compunction to go out and crack a cup of walnuts, my mammaw would always make walnut bread out of it.

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