Akemi made chicken katsu kari or lunch today!

This is cool…

Too bad those guys at the FED were forced to sell their positions. I’m sure their picks were truly golden…

Support the people who work hard to bring you your favorites shows…

Today’s Yes/No…

I am somewhat intrigued.

From the Stargate vault…

Auto Draft
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5 thoughts on “September 24, 2021: So endeth another week!

  1. Akemi’s chicken dish even looks amazing.

    I would definitely try to the shrimp/rice burger, but only with a regular bun not whatever that is.

  2. Lunch looks amazing. Kudos to Akemi!

    Yes to the shrimp burger. I generally enjoy shrimp, so why not give it a try?

    I fully support the IATSE members. They deserve good pay, excellent benefits, and the respect of the industry. Without them, there would be no TV or movie entertainment. I feel the same way about the people who clean hotel rooms and all of our blue collar behind the scenes workers. Everyone should be able to make a living and provide for their families.

    Thanks for sharing the concept artwork!

  3. Yes. The inside view of the shrimp burger looks fascinating, and Akemi’s lunch looks delicious too! I wonder what they fed to the A.I. to get it ready to create a Stargate script.

  4. A four star rating for Akemi’s Cafe! Seriously, that meal looks delicious!

    Yes to the shrimp rice burger.

    I’d love to see the vd. Thanks for sharing

    Yes, to supporting IATSE!

    Love the drawings.

    Anything cool planned this weekend?

  5. That lunch not only looks beautiful and fantastic but it also looks delicious. Maybe Akemi could make Bento Boxes and sell them to a local cafe or shoppe. She is so talented in her cooking skills, it seems a waste for her not to make some money out of it in some way.

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